February 23, 2010

Re: comments and Yokohama photowalk

First I want to say I was so surprised to receive so many comments on yesterdays post! I really thought that everyone would take one look at that post, go "Blargh!" and quickly click away haha. Personally I don't like writing with so many "I want" statements, and I hope everyone didn't think I was some ego-maniac!

Yes, those scans were from BL manga, my dirty secret has been revealed! For those who recognized the drawings, those are some of my favorite artists. I do know romance happens more often in manga than real life. I guess I should read more manga haha^^

I love you guys so much! Even though I can't agree, I was so touched hearing about how you guys think I deserve a good guy. I'm not currently looking for a boyfriend, but it could be true I'm getting spring fever haha! I totally forgot about that concept XD

View of Minato Mirai

Anyhow, I don't want to leave you with a gushy post (even though my readers deserve higher praise than I'm able to express) so I'd like to share some new photos of Yokohama that I took during day 10 of Japan Trip 4.

I took the train into Yokohama station, and then changed to the Minatomirai line to reach the Bashamichi station. It's possible to walk from Yokohama station to the port side area (which was my destination) but it takes about 20-30 minutes. I was thinking the exercise would be good, but secretly I didn't want to walk it. Luckily my friend decided to use the train haha.

Ice skating at the Akarenga

Of course I had to take more photos of Minato Mirai, the Landmark Tower and the CosmoWorld ferris wheel which are the icons of Yokohama. I didn't bother visiting those places again since I'd seen them before. After we stopped in a couple museums, we passed by the Akarenga Soko and headed down to Yamashita Park.

It was getting darker and colder as we made the walk to Yamashita park. Luckily there is a Lawson konbini right there in the park, where you can warm up and grab some snacks or Yokohama souvenirs. I picked out hot milk tea, and my friend got takoyaki for us to share.

This Lawson is happy to see you! Lucky it's not Angry Lawson

Adding mayo and sauce to Lawson Takoyaki

How convinient that you can buy yummy takoyaki right at the konbini! It was warm in the tummy^^ and you could put your own sauces on with a little pinch packet. I used to see these pinch packets often in the US when I was younger, but I guess the plastic costs more so we just have the usual packets now.

Yamashita park is a very romantic place, there are many young couples enjoying the ocean view there. In fact the entire Minato Mirai and port side area are big dating places, and you rarely see lone people there. We ate our snack and walked around the park for a bit, so I could snap some night photos.

It was really dark by then, so we headed back towards the Akarenga to look at the shops inside. The Akarenga shops are really kinda crafty and eclectic, but nothing really my style. Before we went back to Tokyo, I wanted to shop in World Porters, but that is cool enough to get it's own post! hehe^^

Super 'shopped photo of Minato Mirai


  1. Hee hee...what a cute name for that takoyaki joint. *^_^* Weird but I vaguely recall pinch packets.

  2. Mmm, the takoyaki looks so yummy! <3

  3. Lovely pictures, miss! I'm going to Japan next month and I hope I visit Minato Mirai! The takoyaki looks deelish also :)

  4. You always find things when you're not looking for (I started dating Mike after a bad break up and was OVER guys! lol)

    OUTDOOR ICE-RINK omgggggg ;__; That seems so cool to me though I fail on skates.

    I love night pictures. All the glittering lights :)

    Such a peaceful strolling place!

  5. Sending <3 your way~!

    Yokohama, good memories for me ^_^ Shucks you and your travel pics making me miss Japan, when after living there for a while Japan becomes the last thing on my mind <_<;;;

  6. Yokohama is pure love!! <333 I love that city!

    Hahaha, I have never seen a Happy Lawson, just the regular ones! Funny to see that!

    Thanks for sharing! I am looking forward to more!
    Have a great day, Sara!

  7. your trip looks great!
    have been in Yokohama too, but only shortly, wish I could go there to see the places you visited!

    especially the ice skating place! I don't like ice skating that much, but it just looks lovely♥

    btw, also if you don't agree with the comments before, I think so too. You really would deserve such a guy ♥

  8. i love tokoyaki! bet the ones from japan is 100 times better than anywhere else! :3 and that night view of minato mirai took my breath away :3
    which reminds me of mirai!! she has a very wonderful voice

  9. I missed your last blog post, but when you referenced it here I just had to go and check and what a smile you gave me! I am/was the total opposite of you! I loved being single and it was really hard for me to give it up for my now fiance. I think love comes when you least expect it...and when you aren`t looking for it. I hope you find someone who will make you happy but honestly, you should be content and happy with yourself first! Then, when you aren`t looking BAM :)

    I suggest you go on "single dates" or dates with yourself! They are a lot of fun!


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