March 25, 2011

Fashion Hime Friday #50 - Caroline!

I want to say good morning because it's very early on Saturday, but I'm still counting it as Friday so good evening! XD I hope everyone had a wonderful day, and that the FHF will be a nice end to the end! This week we are meeting the very lovely and clever Caroline, please enjoy her wonderful interview!

Name: Caroline Josephine
Location: Saitama, Japan
Fashion Style: Good question... maybe someone can help me put a name to it?

What is your style, and how long have you been interested in fashion?
I have NO IDEA what my style is called, hahaha. I actually tried to google Japanese fashion categories and I came up with nothing. So maybe someone can help me put a name to it.

I've been interested in fashion since I 2003. I started to dress punk rock around that time and this was the first time I really began to care about my clothes, make up, and how it all went together.

How did you discover your style?
I actually became interested in fashion after reading the manga 'Paradise Kiss'. At the time that I had read it I was dressing in a very 'punk rock' style. But I strongly identified with the main character in the manga, and I wanted to dress like her SO badly. I lived in the USA at this time, and was torn between quitting the punk look and going for a more elegant/feminine look... so I slowly started to combine the two. It was difficult due to the fact that American brands didn't really cater well to people who wanted to dress in their 'own style' at that time.

When I came to Japan I thought that I could finally transform my wardrobe and finally achieve the look that I wanted... only to go in a different direction. I lived with a host family my first year here and my host sister was a 23 year old Shibuya gal. So she took me to the 109 almost every-other weekend and I learned a lot from her and our trips. I started to discover the brands that I liked and have now shaped myself into... whatever this is.

When do you dress in your style?
On the weekends or holidays. Whenever I'm not at work I dress up in my 'real clothes'. I have to wear a suit at work, so it doesn't really allow much room for my own style to sneak in. I DO try to keep my suits a bit in my own style by wearing bright colored shirts paired with my black suit, which is something that I do when I'm dressed in my real clothes.

Do you like to follow fashion rules, or create your own?
I like to think that I both follow and create. I like to pay attention to what is trendy, but a lot of the time I don't agree with what is currently in style. So I mix and match a lot. Or just wear something that I think is good paired with something that is trendy. Or I'll wear something way past it's due date just because I like it.

Do you have one item (clothing, accessory, cosmetic) that is your signature?
My wigs. I have really thin hair that causes me a little embarrassment (had a medical issue -not cancer- that made a lot of it fall out a few years ago and it's slowly come back in) and my boyfriend suggested that I tried wearing a wig. I was against it at first, but now I love them and wear them whenever I can.

What do you think is important about fashion?
To feel good. Whenever I'm having a bad day I get all dressed up, even if it's just to go to the super market, and I find that it really helps to lift my mood. Fashion should be something that makes people feel good about themselves.

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