How I lost 90 lbs (41 kg)

This is something I have wanted to write about since I started this blog, but I wouldn't allow myself to until I reached 90 lb exactly haha. I know it's so easy to be dishonest on the internet, but this something I am really proud of and want to be totally honest about.

I had been chubby since I started getting closer to puberty, by the time I got my period I was noticeably overweight. I had a short spell of starvation weight-loss, but once I started eating normally again I gained all back, plus more. I continued to gain more and more weight until I reached 235 lbs.

Me before and after 41 kg weight loss

One day I woke up and it was like epiphany, a veil was lifted off my face. I was sick of being the token fat chick, and I was going to be thin. The desire to change coursed through my veins. I firmly believe that no matter how much you wish to be thinner, you will never reach it with out the desire and vision.

The easiest way to start dieting is to simply eat less of what you already eat. Track what you eat for a couple days, count the calories and then try to lower it to around 1500 kcal. Also, give up soda and alcohol!! This seems so obvious and the easiest way to cut a lot of calories, but you'd be surprised how many people claim to be dieting but still drink sodas with their salad.

I started slowly by just walking on the tread mill 30 minutes, and increased time and intensity as my weight came off. I started adding 5 mins to the time each week, and when I was up to 1 hour, I switched to 30 mins on the tread mill and 30 on the elliptical.

How my face changed

Remember to switch between your cardio exercises every 10 minutes or so. If you are already close to your goal weight, spending 30 minutes doing only one exercise will have no effect at all. Your body will just get used to it and burn no calories. Mix up your cardio with strength training, lift those weights! No matter how afraid ladies are of gaining muscle weight, muscle will burn so many more calories! You will loose weight so much easier!

Now I am doing a Jillian Micheals DVD, the 30 Day Shred. It's circuit training and it's soooo difficult, but it has made such an obvious difference in my weight and metabolism. I cannot strongly recommend circuit training with weights enough. Sadly to really loose weight you have to really work out, you can't just diet or do some crunches. I exercise about 60 minutes a day, 7 days a week.

It is not to say dieting is unimportant of course. Its very important for your general health as well. Everyone can benefit from eating a balanced diet, heavy in vegetables. The key is to eat a large variety of foods. Eating only 1 type of food will make you very weak and unhealthy, you won't be able to exercise. You need some carbs, you need some sugar!

An embarrassing photo of plus size me haha!

Eating 4 to 6 small meals throughout the day has proven to help with weight loss. Don't be afraid to eat often! It won't make you fat as long as you aren't eating high fat foods. Here I will list some food tips that are easy to adopt.

1: Eat more fish, less meat. Of course fish can contain mercury, but they are full of protein, with out all the fat and calories of meat. A serving of meat/fish is about the size of your palm. Don't eat more than that.

2: Fruit is ok. Some people say not to eat fruit since it has natural sugar, but you need some sugar for energy. As well it provides vitamins. I recommend citrus fruit, especially grapefruits. They are sour I know, but they have lower sugar. I also like to snack on raisins.

3: Fiber will fill you up. Everyone should eat some carbs, and it's best if you can make them fiber carbs. Fiber is easier to digest and makes you feel full. Eat your fiber for breakfast to avoid snacking. Try oatmeal, or whole grain pasta.

4: Nuts are your friends. Nuts have high fat for sure, but they have protein and nutrients! Eating a small serving of raw almonds or walnuts for breakfast is a great idea. Eating chewy food as your first meal generates saliva and helps with digestion during the day.

Other foods I highly recommend are blueberries, which have antioxidants. Green tea is a dietetic and helps flush out your system. Eggs can actually be good for you, just only eat one a day. You can never eat enough veggies, when you have dinner eat 1 serving of protein and 2 cups of veggies.

How I look today^^

Well this post got really long haha >< I still want to write more about this topic, especially the emotional aspect of it. I am not an authority, but if you have any dieting questions please feel to ask me, because I've learned alot on my journey^^
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  1. You must be so proud to have reached your goal! Congratulations!!
    It's incredible how your face changed, you're pretty no matter how much you weight, but I'm sure you must feel healthier now.

  2. Omg, that was really you some years ago??? I can't really believe it! It is like I see the photos of two different persons here.
    You are a great example that if one wants to change something you need to work hard and you will be rewarded. You have become so unbelievably pretty now! (I thought you had been pretty like you are now your whole life:-)

    So this were your great news, I suppose? Honestly, I didn't expect it to be something like this XD So congratulations for loosing that much weight, it must have been a huge challenge but you made it! You have all reason to be proud of yourself.

  3. The before and after pics are like night and day! You are truly an inspiration. I have been totally bad in the exercise department. (Unless of course you count shopping at the mall) Worse yet, I am paying for it every month too. I don't eat enough nuts but I do make an effort to eat fish. *sigh* I'm trying.

    P.S On a separate note, you are a smart cookie for talking your way into a stuffed animal! :)

  4. You are amazing. I wish I could do what you have done! How long of a timer period did it take you to lose this weight? have you had any gain back?

  5. Wow that is amazing congratulations! That is a tremendous weight loss. So, you are at your goal weight now? You look awesome. I really want to lose weight too.

  6. oh wow that's a lot of weight lost
    i lost 30 lbs

    people used to call me fatty. it's so harsh
    and the worst part of all i wasnt that fat to begin with.

    people are rude and insensitive. i think that this society is full of B*LLSHIT..

    i forced myself to walk 2 hours a day 4 years ago. It was very painful for me.

    But anyways u did a good job losing weight
    90 lbs is a lot by the ways...

  7. I've read that you live in Minnesota, but I didn't know you live in Minneapolis? How could you not love that city? Guess it might be another thing if you grew up there.

    I've been to a lot of other cities in the States, but Minneapolis is the best:D

  8. Wow! What a fantastic journey! I am glad that you were positive and stuck to it and changed your life! Congrats to you in reaching your goal and your dedication, very inspiring post!~

    I need to exercise more too, not as must too lose weight, but to keep toned and slim.
    Do you go to a gym? Or do you do it all at home?

  9. I'm doing the EXACT same thing you did!!! gaining then loosing then gaining agian! It sucks cause @ school you really don't have a choice but the eat the shitty food they have cause thats all they have! And when you get a salad everyones like OMG R U ON A DIET??? Its terrible...I think I'll try your tips though! :)

  10. wow! congrats this is really something! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  11. congratualtiosn ^^

    i try to keeo fit by walking instead of buses and playing badminton every Sunday

    and I'm under friend's blog yay ^^
    *virtual hugs* thankies ^^

    I love the pink leopard scrunchie too ^^

  12. Wow! Congratulations on the weightloss! I'm currently losing weight myself. 48lbs gone so far.

    Congratualtions again!

  13. Congratulations woman. ^^

    When it comes to dieting it's best if you do it for yourself and no one else. That way you feel the great achievement when you reach your target.

    You are such an inspiration woman, I admire you even more ^^.
    Although I may not know you that well, but from seeing how you went through this change shows that you are strong. Never give up!

    Hope you are having a great day. Christmas holidays soon. Has it snowed yet?

    Love ya woman!
    Thanh x

  14. OHMYGOD you look amazing! Congratulations!!

  15. this is incredible! def inspiring for those who wana slim down!

  16. im like so proud of you! you have no idea! but losing weight is hard! this is definitely motivating ^_^

    do you mind if i ask for healthful tips from you in random occasions?

  17. Truly Amazing! The most important thing is that you are healthy, I'm so proud of you, you really are an inspiration! Thank you for posting this, ps I love your new sassy profile pic!

  18. WOW!!!!! respect respect respect. i was really shocked - at the firs sight i don't understand that both pics show you!

    OMG!!!! you loosed so much wait. that must be a hard time for you. but you had so much selfcontrol.

    i really admire this!

  19. wow... WOW!!! i totally admire you for that.. that is QUITE the accomplishment!!! i've been trying to eat healthier for a while and i KNOW the right foods to eat but its just so hard to discipline myself to eat that stuff because i love food too much! haha!

  20. omigosh this post is exactly what i needed to read today. been feeling so lazy to exercise. you're such an inspiration!


    I'm trying to loose 10kg and I'm having so much trouble sticking to the exercise plan D:

    How do you not get bored when you exercise? I get terribly bored and I end up only doing 30 mins. *sigh*


    I'm going to bookmark this entry and read it every time I need positive motivation!<3

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! *hugs*

  22. You look fab! Congrats on your loss! I'm working on losing weight too, but it's hard---Japan has so many yummy foods! You are a good inspiration for me tho!

  23. Oh wow! I can't believe it!
    You really did it!
    Now you look so cute! And slim!

  24. Congrats on your loss, you look fantastic! Well done for working hard.

  25. This post wasn't long enough in my opinion! Where do I begin!? You're amazing :O, a true inspiration IMO!!! And you preach the truth about healthy ways to shed pounds!! I can't even comprehend losing 90lbs~ The work and dedication that goes hand in hand with your goal!!

    The soda thing really hit home. After I lost my weight this summer (a measly 15lbs) friends would ask me what I did. I did very similar things as you and they'd bite my head off saying "Well I can't drink diet soda, that's 1 thing I couldn't live without! And I have no time to work out!" And I just sit there looking dumbfounded and annoyed for trying to even help.

    May I ask how long your journey's been? I'm thinking a year's time but it's OK if you'd like to keep that private.

    And of course, congratulations on your goal!

  26. AMAZING! I'm so proud of you, I hope i can commit to loosing weight as well :( but thank you for your post, this is really helpful, and it kept my hopes up, i can do this too!! thank you again, c(",c)

  27. That's amazing, you lok fantastic by the way!!

  28. I have read your entry and I saw the picture. It's like: wow. Like everyone in this post say, it's amazing. Congratulation and it's of course a motivation for many other people with the message "Look, you can do this to" :)

  29. Congratulations! This is amazing!
    I'm dieting since I'm a child (at least it feels like this) and I lost 20kg two times and gained it again... -.-
    Now I'm trying again, just the beginning, but this time I'm more than determined to reach the same goal as you and lose around 40kg.
    I'm not sure if I will ever reach this (as I never weight so less I can't imagine it) but I'm sure I can do it.
    I really can understand that you are proud of what you have reached and I hope you will remeber this awesome moment when you lost the 90lbs forever ;)

  30. what a very inspiring story! congratulations and it's all thanks to your hard work! that's quite a goal to have accomplished... :D so awesome!

    and you're right about the soda thing.. that really makes a difference . im still (trying) to give that up.

    thank you so much for sharing ur great accomplishment with us.

  31. Absolutely amazing journey! You should be so proud! Wonderful tips as well <3

  32. This posts is absolutely amazing! congratulations! today you looks beautiful ^^

    Let me tell you my [bad] experience...
    Actually i am in my normal weight, but i wish to lose about 5 kg. (11 lbs) i know is few but i don't know how to do it wright =/ I tried some diets and doing exercises, but i don't saw results and finally leave it.. I still want to do something, can you give me an advice? ^^

  33. Oh my God! What a change! And you´re so beautiful :D

  34. Congrats sweetie what an amazing journal and a great story to tell your grandkids ;)

    btw you got gorgeous porcelain skin!

  35. Are the before and after pictures really the same chicks!??! O__O
    My mind is blown. you're amazing

  36. Congratulations on your weightloss :D

  37. OMG! That's really huge differences!
    It's just so amazing and you're very beautiful now :)

  38. Hi i am also trying to lose weight 72 pounds to be exact and is really hard somedays i feel like i cant do it... i know i can lose weight just by eating well and getting a move on but somedays im just not in a mood then that keeps me from going to the gym i miss a day and the next i dont want to go... i hate how some girls i know are always on that subject about them being fat and shes a size 1 uuughhh... so pissed right now... i feel like they just do that to be like well im skinny and pretty and ur not... i feel super sad i hope i get thru this like u did congrats...

  39. You're amazing really, i need lose 20 kg and i want, when i read your blog i feel much better and now i'm very inspired

    thanks a lot

  40. Jesus, Sara! HOLY COW!

    You went through a LOT to lose that much weight!

    It makes me feel all the more like I REALLY CAN get this weightloss thing down.

    I'm slowly getting into the habit of walking more and sitting less. I walk about 3o minutes a day now.

  41. Okay, I just have to say it: you are one of my *heroes*. I mean it! The transformation you went through as shown and told is just *amazing*. I recently started following your blog (came over from Universal Doll), and it's been great thus far. But this post really hits home for me.

    I'm kind of in the middle of an attempt to get down to a healthy weight for a variety of reasons (one of which was being an example of the "not eating right = loss of body processes" about a year and a half ago). I did lose 12 pounds last spring, down from 209, but I've gained back this winter. It's been really hard to try and get myself back on track. Currently, I'm doing my best to take up trying to lose weight again (starting next week!), and seeing your journey just made me believe that I *can* do it. I'm feeling inspired to gear up for a new try, and reading this post really helped. I can only say I wish I'd seen it sooner.

    So *thank you* times three for being so brave/kind to share your amazing achievement. You should be proud; it takes courage to stick to changing as much as you did! In any case, I just wanted to thank and congratulate you. I hope I can follow your example; cheers to you!

  42. congrats on the success weight loss in a healthy way!! it's so rare these days :) very inspirational!

  43. wow you are a true inspiration :)
    could i ask if you had any problems with loose skin after your weight loss, i am really worried that after all my hardwork i would still be facing problems with my body.oh and how long did you take to loose all that weight?

  44. Yes, I do have a problem with loose skin. I don't mean I have flaps of skin just hanging off of me, but everything is just generally loose. The fat I still do have kind of hangs away from my body, I look un-toned and about 10 lbs heavier than I actually am.

    I have terrible lunch lady arms, which I generally just hide with long sleeves. And I use shape wear to hold in my hips and stomach. It's nothing really terrible of course, just annoying haha.

    It took about 1.5 years I think, I did take some breaks during it. And I've recently been able to loose another 5 lb, making my total 95 lbs lost.

  45. I'm really amazed!
    I'm also trying to lose some weight, coz I'm gaining weight non-stop at work (due to lack of exercise). Am determine to lose those extra weights, but then my determination is always short-lived. I'm really amazed how you could continue that for 1.5 years. I find it hard myself to continue after jogging for the first week.

    But with my current weight and size now, I cant do much jogging or do any lunges as my brother says that my knees cannot support my weight. Any advice?

    Am very much inspired by you to lose those fats now!!

  46. wow this is so amazing!!
    your hints are really helpful btw ^___^
    loving your blog, new follower here!

  47. Congratulations...all i can say is woow , your really really brave! :)
    you look super hot now, hihi=^.^=

    great tips for people that want to get rid of fat, personally i don't cause i do gymnastic but for others is just perfect!

    Happy Easter!!!


  48. eveychua - even just walking fast is a good exercise. Also I think swimming and biking are great for low impact on the joints.

    Thanks everyone who comments on this post, after nearly 5 months, I feel so happy that this post is of some use or inspiration to people^^

  49. (Hi, I just started reading your blog, and i'm completely in love~! p.s.: I'm also from Minnesota~!) :3
    Wow! In your latest pictures you honestly look like you've "always" been small. I would have never guessed! This is really impressive and motivating for me. :DD
    I'm currently pretty heavy. D: Though I've gotten down to my lowest weight ever last summer(67kgs) while my heaviest was (81kgs). Well now since the winter started/ended I had gained soooo much weight like 15lbs/6kgs worth. D': ugh.
    So what I'm getting to is this post is very inspirational to me and will definitely get me to work out more and eat healthier~! Thanks dear :33

  50. Alot of nice tips here thanks!
    You made alot of effort loosing that weight, I can't imagine how hard it must have been.

  51. I am only at the start of my own weightloss journey but your success is very inspirational! I hope I can claim the same results in a years time! I've lost 25lb so far but ultimately want to loose 95 in total!

    I hope you will read this so you can answer my questions! 1. How tall are you? cause I'm quite short which is why I need to lose so much to be at a healthy weight. 2. When you first started losing weight, how long was it before you could see the results on yourself? I may have lost 25lb but I cannot tell though everyone else says they can.

    Congratulations on the weight loss! :D

  52. well done ! and those cute chubby cheeks were hiding your gorgeous eye shape ! you are amazing and an inspiration to all woman x

  53. omg .. that is amazing! your face is so thin now :) my goal of trimming 15 lbs was even hard. it's hard not to just sit there and atrophy in college. you go girl!

  54. I've read this entry several times, because it gives me such motivation and hope!
    Brava to you, for having the courage and self-love to post your before & after photos on the internet.
    You look *beautiful* and I'm going to keep reading your weight loss posts, because they help me get through the rough spots in my weight loss journey. God bless!

  55. you look soo beautiful now! Well, you are adorable from start to begin with..
    I know how emotionally depressing it is to be overweight. >__< but I've never actually reached over 200lbs just yet..(but it's getting closer! 175lbs..ekkkk!)
    You've given a lift to my motivation sara mari! <3

  56. First of, I am new to reading your blog, and I am loving it ! ! You're so sweet and open :D

    Reading this entry made me realize that the only way I'll ever get my lousy 5 extra kilos off is by getting of my lazy ass and MOVE. I have always suspected that but... this made it so much more real to me. Damn' it.

    About the loose skin, I haven't been through the massive weight loss as you (whitch is increddible btw <3 much love !!! and respect)
    But I have also been on the long term mission to lose some weight and I have found that massaging my arms and thights and belly has made the skin more firm, ..

    Are you still constantly losing weight? or have you set put on one weight? And to compare my uptight ass with yours, how tall are you??

    Pardon the old weird me ;D

  57. Wow. Congrats. You're officially my real-life-person thinspiration. You're the size I want to be now: not too thing and nowhere near fat or chubby.

    You're so right about activity though. I have had a really healthy diet for the past few years but that hasn't changed my body much. I have a cheat meal once/week (broccoli and mushroom pizza) to save my sanity, but nothing crazy. My body reacts to hardcore cardio (elliptical and swimming) more than dieting.

    Do you find yourself using weights more or just calisthenics/pilates? I do the latter and find to be a fun challenge. You should check it out!

  58. Hello,

    Great great story! I live in Europe, and I lost about 35KG in a few months. I know how it is to start a diet. I have to lose 15 kg to reach my goal and your story gives me motivation to reach my goal!


  59. OMGGG girl !
    you really be my inspiretion absolutly !

    I'm one of your fan blog just 2 week ago
    >< Im also love you gal style ! so today Im read you all topic backward since oct 2009 of your post, and I found this topic ! >W<

    I'm very very love thiss ,cuz you can change you self to happy way you lost your weight! and you look pretty and so healthy! Congrat to you!

    I'm 16 year old Thai girl I love gal fashion and I wanna slim than now ^^ (Im chubby T T)
    Im figh-to! I feel very inspired now, if i do my goal finally(lost my weight)

    I will tell you first cuz your my gal inspireration hehehe
    see yaa
    Thankyou so muchh
    Your very amazing girl !

  60. Awesome.

    Just please, don't ever become obsessed with that and anorexic/bulimic. You've become almost too much skinny, you could even gain quite a bit of weight and still be perfectly in shape. I'm not saying you should, you don't look unhealthily skinny, so as long as you don't feel weak or dizzy or anything like that, that must be ok. There's a "margin of error" on being in shape, but right now you're closer to the bottom margin than to the upper margin. Just don't "don't worry" about it too much as well, of course, hehe.

    Congrats again.

  61. Woooooooooooooww!!!!! Girl you are amazing!! !*.*...

  62. wow you are such an inspiration! i'm happy for you :) this is really motivating! congrats!

  63. hey! i know this post is old, but you wrote it way before i started following you so i never saw it til it just popped-up as a suggestion on the side of my screen now.

    that's amazing!!! and really an inspiration. i am dieting myself now and it's a slow and painful process.

    and even though i don't actually really know you, i am so proud of you that you could achieve something like that at such a young age. now you get to enjoy your youth and it's so amazing... i REALLY want to be able to wear gyaru clothes, so i'm gonna use you as an example and STRIVE for it!

    you are awesome, girl, you should totally enjoy your victory ^_-

  64. Hey *waves* I found this post through Tokyofashion's facebook page... I just have to say WOW you look incredible, your transformation is amazing! I'm going to follow you, because not only are you an inspiration but I also love your style :)
    I'm so glad I found you!

  65. Great job girl!!! I am happy for you!! I always want to get slimmer, but I can't say no to food >_<

  66. Sorry to contribute to the bumping of an old post, but I wanted to extend my congratulations for your accomplishment!

    I can totally relate, as I was pretty huge and somewhat in denial, but in the last 12 months I worked really hard and lost over 100lbs - I'm a tall man, so it's less of an accomplishment than your own! I'm still working hard, and I consider my routine to be my lifestyle, not just a diet. I'm glad that your new shape has helped your passion for fashion. :)

  67. You are a inspiration to myself. You look amazing! Still beautiful but just wow. I never knew how weight could change how your face looked.

  68. I was wondering, how long did this take you to do?
    I've been wanting to loose weight for ages but i always fret when i think about the waiting process :/

  69. Im glad I found this post I lost 85 pds myself over a years time then found out I was pregnant in February Ive had my baby and now I have baby weight to lose this post helped to inspire me again Thanks.

  70. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are really pretty and beatiful

  71. Hi! Well, you posted this some time ago, but I just got word of the link via Tokyo Kawaii Etc this morning. Thank you for a great post, it's really inspiring! I need to lose a couple of kilos, but more importantly, I need to get back into the healthy lifestyle I was following before (similar to what you've recommended here). Thanks for the extra kick of motivation, I needed it. Also congratulations on reaching your target weight - it must be great seeing all your hard work come to fruitition! ^^

  72. WOW! I don't know how I missed this post...but it's quite inspirational...CONGRATULATIONS! You have overcome such a huge goal! The old you and the new you are like two different people...I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see pictures that you lost that much weight since you look so healthy! I now see why you have such passion for fashion, too! I'm sure you will motivate and inspire lots of young ladies out there with this very personal but amazing post!

    <33 Rena

  73. This is amazing and I would love to see health/diet updates too!! So inspiring!!!

  74. OMG !!!
    right now, I saw this GREAT article of yours and it inspired me a lot !!!
    I am sooooooooooooooooooo jealous!!!
    I have the same way in front of me ...
    I gained so much weight because of stupid medications I had to take until to Oktober this year. Since totay, I lost 9Kg again, but there's such a long way in front of me ;____;

    But thank you very much for this !!!


  75. I'm another reader who wonder how I could miss this post!

    I am currently (successfully) trying to loose weight, but there are some great tips in here, which I think I'll take with me. ^__^ Also, a very inspirational post! Makes me wanna go out on a jog, though my doctor forbids me to job during winter... ^^;

  76. ;____;
    great person here

    ps: save up amazing entries like this PEARL

  77. I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to lose weight. A few years ago I worked out every day for a week for about two years, ate super healthy, and still didn't lose any weight.

    This summer I found out it was because of a medical condition and while I've lost a bit since going on medication, its begun to level off and I got depressed again. This post really let me know that yes, I can do it.

  78. <3
    You are one strong person!
    congratulations! you look great!

  79. WOW!! You are truly an inspiration to me!!!
    You acomplished something so wonderful, I find it hard just to lose 10 pounds and you lost 90!! wow I really admire you! You also have such great style!! I really love your blog! and congratulations on your wonderful acomplishment!! you are truly an inspiration.

  80. You're truly amazing! Seeing this makes me want to try harder and stick to something. Thank you! <3

  81. Congratulations on losing this much! You look amazing! C:

    One thing though, you shouldn't give out information about food without explaining why you say the things you say, and if you say that it's proved, you need to link to the scientific research that proves it! The 'small meals, often'' is totally broscience, and actually does nothing for you metabolism. And fat does not make you fat!! It's all about calories in vs. calories out.

  82. I too am impressed by your weight loss. If you don't mind I have a couple of questions...

    What pushed you to finally lose the weight?

    How and where did you start on your weight loss and healthier lifestyle?

    Finally, how long did it take you to lose your weight?

    If you could answer these questions as I am currently on my own crusade against the calories, I would be extremely grateful. And if not, I completely understand!

  83. I just want to say that you are my inspiration :D

  84. WOW amazing! Great advice! I forgot about you can eat every 2-3 hours (keeps matabolism going) !

  85. I'm new to your blog, but good for you! I've lost 60 lbs in the past year and I couldn't be happier. Most of it came from going to a gluten-free diet because I was sick all the time from what turned out to be a gluten intolerance. Now I love exercising and I eat lots of veggies every day.

    Good for you! You absolutely have a lot to be proud of. Also, your blog is adorable and I LOVE it. I wish I was fearless enough to dress how I liked every day, but on a college campus like mine, I'm sure I'd get stares!

  86. Amazing, I am really happy for you. : ) It must have taken a lot of patience and determination to reach your goal, very admirable. :---) It is so nice to see how much happier, healthier and more confident you look like these days (compared to your old self). Congratulations! c:

    ...and 41 kilos is a lot..! : o If I had been in the same situation than you were, I am not sure if I had had enough willpower to loose that much weight, you are amazing! :---)

  87. Every now and then, I return to this post for motivation. Like right now as I eat my nomtastic strawberry, granola and flax seed cereal. Healthy isn't as hard as most people think.

  88. I really can understand you!

    I want to loose some wight too (okay about 30kg haha) and i always think it is impossible because i was always not girly and not the feminine slim type. those thoughts are really not good for my health, my parents always told me i could never be as slim as the oters.

    but i am to shy to go to the fitness center because I think, everyone will laugh at me and my horrible condition....

    but it is even more depressing when I see those gyaru fashion and realize i won't fit into them unless i losse about 20-30kg.

    thank you for your post, i hope i can send you a mail if i have any questions?

  89. oh hi there!'m new here and i saw this post on your blog!Wow,that was a huge transformation!I wish I can be tough like you too!I'm no good at exercise..I always eat less to get my weight lower but its doesn't help much..i wish i have thought like you.,.

  90. you're amazing!
    i'm sure you're an idol to many girls out there! i totally admire your self controll - i gained a few kg, but i just don't manage work out daily :/

    but i guess i'll give it another try now ♥

    how long did it take to reach your goal?

  91. I think it is great that you lost so much weight, but there is some misinformation in your tips.

    Fibre is actually an indigestible type of carbohydrate; it is not easily digestible at all. Fibre is still very good for you, though; soluble fibre forms a gel in your digestive tract and slows down the passage of food, keeping you full for longer, and insoluble fibre.. well, it clears you out. :D

    Though fibre is very good to have in large amounts, you still need a bit of non-fibre carbohydrate in your diet, as your brain can only use glucose for energy. (Not many people know that, but it's super duper important to remember! If you don't have glucose in your diet, your body goes into starvation mode and breaks down fat for glucose by making ketones, which makes you exhale acetone, and also makes your body acidic, which is dangerous. Breaking down fat through exercise is a whole different process, though, so you don't have to worry about exercise making your body acidic as much).

    I'm sorry if this seems rude. I think it is great that you are giving people tips, so I just thought I would let you know what I know...

  92. wow! just amazing <3 what a strong woman you are!! <3

  93. Congratulationsssss~~~~~!!!!
    ^ ^~
    you are amazing !!
    its really nice that u reached ur goal of losing weight ~
    u look really good <3 ^ ^

  94. I've been following your blog for some weeks now but I just noticed this post! I am so impressed!!
    Thank you so much for this entry. Actually I need to lose some weight too and also did a diet and started to work out some weeks ago.. well.. but when the tests started to come up I stopped..
    This post really pushed me! After I read it, I threw all sweets and juices away (^^)/
    Honestly, thank you very much! I gained a lot motivation of it :)

  95. Amazing! I just wanted to say that you're my #1 inspiration! I'm also trying to lose weight and just become a happier person all around and seeing how you're worked so hard really gets me motivated! Thanks!!

  96. OMG what an inspiration <3. It's kind of rare to find a weight loss story that was actually about hard work. I've just started trying to loose weight. I alternate days between rising an elliptical an doing Leslie Sansone's walk away the pounds. :] I already eat pretty healthy (I only drink tea and water, and mainly eat fish and chicken, salads with no dressing (because I don't like dressing eeeeew, and fruit.) So yeah :] I'm really into Gyaru fashion, and I've already started practicing it, but I don't really want to post any pictures of myself until the weight loss ^^ again, what an inspiration <3

  97. That's an amazing post! You are very inspirational! You must have some hard core self discipline plan right?

  98. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Your hard work has paid off! Congratulations! I admire you for your self-discipline because I find it very hard to lose even 1kg.


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