Coordinate post - Days 6 & 7 (JT6)

I am being a good blogger and writing this as a scheduled post so you'll have something to read while I am gone. Yes, I said that, I'll be gone from Tokyo! haha, it my first time to go on an over-night trip out of Tokyo and I will be going to Tochigi. I'm going with my friend and his friend, and we will see Nasu and Nikko, so I should be able to get some nice photos for you!

Sadly I think this coordinate post is not as nice as other ones, I mean I thought I was putting some decent outfits together, but looking back over them I feel so "meeeh" Not so bad, but not so good either haha! What's hard is picking out clothing for days when all I'm going to do is walk and not go to any place I need to show off haha! I don't spend everyday shopping (I wish I could TT) I have days when I am just milling around like a local haha!

Day 6 coordinate

Tank top: Forever21
Shirt: Target
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Harem pants: H&M

I picked this outfit to wear to a (tiny) local matsuri which would require a lot of walking to get to. I thought this outfit was going to have awesome flair, while still being mature. And I think it would on someone smaller, but it just made me boxy. There was not enough waist definition so I ended up looking more fluffy than usual. Well maybe I needed to wear the pants higher with a thicker belt, but I don't think I will be repeating this outfit anyway haha!

But at least some local middle aged ladies said I was pretty ^^

On Day 7 I ended up walking again but this time I had no particular goal destination or event so I just wanted to wear something comfortable for walking in the heat. But at the same time I wanted to keep up my goal of always dressing well when I leave the house. So I tried to create a fun casual outfit haha.

Day 7 coordinate

Hair flower: tutuHa
Glasses: walmart (ah! hehehe)
Vest: no brand
Shirt: Daisy Fuentes
Shorts: Old Navy

The way I combined things might a little too out there for people, but I had fun with it! I think it needs something more, like its missing something to be perfect but I'm not sure what. Anyway, I was actually wearing makeup but just not as much as I liked to be photographed with.

And because you guys are so great, here's a bonus photo haha! I'm just kidding this is no kind of reward XD But I wanted to show you this photo because I found these crazy tall flowers walking along the river (Shinnakagawa) in my neighborhood. As you can see they are taller than me, I guess around 190 cm?!

Tall flowers are tall XD
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