JT6, Day 2 with money exchange

Hello my friends! The first thing I want to say is that I am so happy about the kind repsonse everyone gave me over my post yesterday! I'm really glad to hear people like these kind of posts and want to see the food I eat in Japan. I will post about what happens to me day to day here, and hope it'll be interesting^^

My makeup on Day 2, sorry for the pixalation..

First thing when I get up, here or in MN, I always check my blog stuff. So I wrote some comments and blogged. I wake up around 7:00 am and I finish around 10-11:00. After that I did my makeup, I wanted to make my eyes look less round so I tried to make long eyeliner wings for a cat eye look. However they just look big and round as usual. What can I do about that? Haha!

Day 2 lunch: salad, hayashi stew and sweets

After I had my makeup and clothing on, I had lunch. Pretty much exactly at noon time haha. Day 2's lunch was a salad and hayashi stew, I didn't eat the toast even though my friend kindly made it. I also threw out 80% of the stew, I felt really bad about it. But I am so strict on myself I guess.

The goal for today was to get my money exchanged because I couldn't do it when I first arrived. I mentioned before, there was actually a line for the currency exchange counter and my bus was coming in 5 minutes so I just had to skip it. So today I went to Nihonbashi, to a branch of the Citibank and exchanged my money there.

Sitting around in Citibank

I'm lucky my friend was with me to help, because they turned away another English speaking white person when he tried to exchange yen. They said they could do exchanges to him, what was that about? Well the exchange rate is just sad right now. I lost about 20 cents on each dollar. Nothing to do for that though.

Since we were already in Nihonbashi, we decided to visit some shops that were in the area. I stayed near Nihonbashi during Japan Trip 2, but I didn't really ever explore it. The first place I visited was a Maruzen bookstore. I didn't buy any books, but I bought some post cards to send to my grandma. They online had OL type magazines there, so I had nothing to look at haha.

All the books about movies^^

The postcards I got, the 2 on the right were free

After that we stopped by the depachika in Takashimaya. A depachika is the basement of deparment stores, where the food always is! So there were many many little shops filled with every type of food you can imagine. Oh the sights, the smells! It was torture for my diet. So I didn't stay long haha, but I will write a post about depachika in the future^^

Coredo shopping mall in Nihonbashi

We finished with a stop at the Coredo shopping center, which oddly enough has a Waseda University campus on the 5th floor haha. Most of the shopping in Nihonbashi is the more expensive kind. My feet were starting to hurt real bad by then (I wore heels, I had to for the outfit) so I wanted to go home.

Inside my local super market, Yamaichi

Grilling up free samples

When go home from being out, I always stop at the super market by my station which is called Yamaichi to buy dinner for the day. I picked out salad, konyakku and pickled vegetables. My friend got curry pan marinated chicken to grill at home. There was a guy giving out free samples of it, so my friend tasted it and liked it.

Day 2 dinner: Salad, pickled veggies, konyakku (not pictured) chicken and sweets

So that's what we had for dinner. Holy cow this post got long. I went out again after dinner, but I'd better not write anymore haha. I'd better start getting ready for the day, it's already almost 11:00 am ><
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