1st day back meeting Tom, Sakie and Thanh Thao!

Good morning, it's the opposite time that I would usually greet you with good morning haha! Its hard to adjust to a totally opposite timezone, but luckily I never have much trouble with jet lag. However last night I was very tired when I arrived home, it because I was out all day with great people!

I finally saw the Ghost of Harlem in Shibuya!

I was able to meet with my very good friends Tom and Sakie; in the morning Tom sent me an email asking to meetup for lunch and luckily we could organize and arrange our schedules to meet that very day! We met up in Shibuya, chatted, and strolled for a bit until we could meet with Thanh Thao too XD

I've known Thanh Thao for several years now because we're friends on poupeegirl and exchanging comments there. It's so cool that we could meet after all this time, friends still, and see each other in real life.

A shrine right next to a love hotel, what will you pray for?? XD

We walked around Shibuya a bit, looking for some place to sit down and chat. We ended up having a little tour through love hotel hill and saw some very interesting sights and shops XD haha!

Taking stalkerish photos of 109

The interior of the lovely cafe Sakie picked out!

We all ended up in a very cute cafe located right across from 109 so I could take creeper stalker photos from the window haha! The interior was decorated to look kinda rococo and girly/princess kind of atmosphere. It was very nice to try a new cafe!

I ordered a fruit pudding and tea set, the pudding was very rich but very good! We all ordered sweets, although they did have a savory menu, what fun is it to go to a cafe and not have a beautiful sweet? Everything looked so yummy, sweets and desserts in Japan are amazing!

I had fruit pudding

Thanh Thao had strawberry cake

Tom picked the berry berry parfait

And Sakie got the super delicious Japanese flavor parfait

Sadly after we finished eating Tom and Sakie had to get home to do some errands. They have very busy and amazing lives, I hope we meet again in the future but their jobs take them all over the world! So me and Thanh Thao spent the rest of the evening together.

Well this post is getting long, there's so much to say! I will share the pics from the rest of the meeting later today!
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