A Happy New Year wish for you!

Japanese New Year decorations are beautiful!

Now it is officially 2011, can you believe it? To me 2011 is such a strange sounding number, so futuristic-y but we don't have the flying cars and robot maids promised by the Jetsons haha! I'm happy and sad to start a new year, as I have always felt since I become an adult.

But 2010 was a very good year for me, I did my university work to a satisfactory level, I could travel to Japan 4 times, I got new interests/hobbies and I was able to make wonderful friends through my blog. I can safely say 2010 was a huge dramatic improvement over 2008 and 2009 in every way except the workfront.

Illuminations around Tokyo

I hope you had a fun way to celebrate the New Year's eve! I always have a quiet night in, whether in Japan or the US. I spent the new years with my friend last year too, so we celebrated in the same way this year too haha!

We went out for a walk around Tokyo Station because there are still some illuminations there, the trees are all covered in white lights. It was so nice to look at, but the wind was chilling! We luckily came across an orchestra playing Ode to Joy, it was really lovely, but so crowded I couldn't see the musicians TT

This was the best view of the orchestra I had - back of people's heads and a big TV screen. I really wanted to watch!

I thought it would be kind of fun to eat something special, so I picked out chicken. I can't eat much fried chicken since its so fattening, I felt bad tossing it out, but the rest of the meal was healthy so it balanced out. We also had salad, saba (a type of fish) fillet, gobo and carrot in sesame sauce, fruit and a slice of roll cake.

New Year's dinner!

Lights and crackers to celebrate

After that we relaxed until the count down while watching that singing show thats the main thing on TV haha. We counted down with Exile this year haha!! My friend light candles and we had crackers. Then I went right to bed because I was so tired XD

Well, I'm really hope 2011 will be great. My resolutions are to finish university, find a job, lose weight (of course, everyone resolves that!) and to be more talkative/friendly irl.
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