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Good evening everyone! These past couple of days I have been writing out my calories in the little diet book that came with the June (?) issue of Popteen. It really made me realize that I eat so many mindless calories snacking. And I wondered why I couldn't lose haha, calories go so quick when you aren't paying attention.

Today I used my time remaking clothes, and coordinating so now as its getting later in the day, I just don't feel like writing alot. Maybe you don't feel like reading alot either? XD So I thought I would just spam you with some Tokyu Hands pictures!

The great thing about Tokyu Hands is they are a variety store so you can find whatever you might want, and lots of things you never knew you wanted! I really like shopping there, but at the same time the amount of items is overwhelming haha!

Macaron shaped bath bombs with peach, orange and soap scents. Not so interested in the soap one though XD

Rement's Disney Deco Cakes. I bought one and got the Mickey cake^^

Little Twin Stars Stylish Charms. The colors are so sweet!

Mame-shiba talking phone straps. I was really into Mame-shiba last year haha.

Beautiful stickers for decorating your phone, really simple deco!

A heart shaped makeup sponge, although I think it works the same as regular shaped ones haha

These ones look really fancy.

As you can see there are so many different things you can get at Tokyu Hands, its not a discount store like Don Quijote, but it does have things things like crafts and stationary. It's a great place to stop for souvenirs because everything is in one place XD

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