Coordinate post - November part 4

Good evening again everyone! It's midnight when I'm updating again, I guess because I took another nap this afternoon. I went to sleep at 15:00 with the intension of sleeping only until my Mom finished work so we could go to the phone store (my phone is broken) but then I woke up at 19:30... oops.

Well I could write something personal, like how I am feeling about myself and dieting recently. But I don't want to attract any attention. Hopefully another coordinate post will be acceptable haha!

11/15/10 coordinate

Tank top: Forever21
Vest: no brand
Shorts: no brand
Shoes: Steve Madden

Here's some random outfit I wore just to look a bit rock I guess, I took inspiration from a Sakurina outfit but of course I look nothing as good as her haha! I can hardly believe I wore this just 2 months ago.

This Friday will be -35 they say...that is honestly scary...

11/16/10 coordinate v.A

Cardi: No brand
Shirt: Hot Topic
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden

Here I was trying to use the mall goth shirt I got real cheap at Hot Topic. I combined it with pants to make it more casual. This was also based on a Sakurina outfit, I guess I need bigger hair to look better XD

11/16/10 coordinate v.B

Shirt: Hot Topic
Skirt: W*C
Boots: Steve Madden

This is the B version of this gothy outfit, this time using a skirt so it comes off more girly. I am hoping it still looks gyaru rather than totally goth. I guess goth gyaru is one of the more difficult styles to put together.

11/17/10 coordinate

Cardigan: H&M
Babydoll: tutuHA
Skirt: Forever21
Boots: Steve Madden

Black, black, black and finally some color haha! I guess the black and white cardigan was an attempt to tone down the bright green and colorful skirt while still being visually interesting.
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