Popteen April Picks! & = Coordinate Post = January part 2

Whoa, I slept late again! Sleep late, sleep alittle, sleep late - that is a bad cycle. But I had a dream that Gackt fell in love with me last night, so I didn't mind sleeping longer XD Until my dream turned into working at the movie theater again, then it was time to wake up!

I don't know about you but my brain doesn't work the best right after I wake up, so I will conserve my nerve synapses by showing off my Popteen April picks and the last of my Japan Trip 7 coords!

Popteen is on the more girly and simple end of the gyaru spectrum, but I think they had some really great spring coordinates in the issue. I mean there was alot that didn't suit my taste but I still appreciated. I'm hoping that Ageha and Egg April will also be good^^

Well lets finish up the JT7 coords (I hope Japan Trip 8 comes soon XD) after these my coordinates will be shown in the new image format.

1-6-11 + 1-13-11 coordinate
Cardigan: GLAD NEWS
Dress: tutuHA
Skirt: tutuHA
tights: Forever21
Legwarmers: Yumetenbo

I put these two coordinates together since they are basically the same with only a couple of stylistic changes haha! I think I prefer the second version, the tights are more slimming and I think my hair looks better down.

1-8-11 coordinate
Shirt: tutuHA
Skirts: tutuHA
Boots: Steve Madden

Yep its the second outfit I wore on Tokyo Kawaii TV (I had to borrow this pic). Its an ok outfit, wish my hair would have been bigger...need some hairpieces/half wigs XD

1-14-11 coordinate
Coat: tutuHA
Skirt: tutuHA
Tights: F21
Legwarmers: Yumetenbo

I wore this when I went to meet Thanh Thao, Bloomzy and Mitsu in Shinjuku. I really like how it turned out, colorful but casual. I guess I'll have to wait to wear that coat again till next year, I left it in Japan.

1-15-11 coordinate
Hat: tutuHA
Cardigan: F21
Pants: no brand
Shoes: no brand

It's my last outfit of JT7! TT It was a very casual outfit for visiting a cat cafe. How sad January was for me this year. Anyhow I really like how this one turned out, despite the simplicity it still looked gyaru (to me).
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