Annual Prom dress try-on!

Well today me and mom were out and about doing a bit of shopping. We both didn't have much luck (though I saw a lot of cute things at H&aM I restrained myself XD) and we had gone to Macy's to look at blazers for her, since we were already there, we did our annual prom dress try on!

I have been trying on dresses for fun because I was fat at my prom and couldn't wear a dress that I actually liked. (Plus its fun to put on fancy beautiful dresses)

You can see last year's prom dress try-on here! The selection was really terrible at this Macy's but here's what I tried on!

Long Dresses

Tried this on because it was so pink and Barbie like. Though this style doesn't have enough waist definition for my taste. Sorry, didn't hide the bra straps in this pic XD

This is the dress I would chose if I was really going to prom. It even has a train! Though it might be too elegant for a prom XD I thought it was really pretty!

This was my favorite dress until I tried it on - it was about 3-4 inches too short haha. But the color and details are so lovely to me. If it was longer I'm not sure if I'd pick the dark blue one or this!

Short Dresses

I didn't like this one when I tried it on, it looked strange to me, but looking at the photo it's pretty cute! I'm not holding it out at all, it just has that much volume haha!

This dress was super tight but somehow it makes me look fatter. I guess its the cut? Anyway, it just ok. I wouldn't wear it to prom, perhaps a party.

This is the "Hey, Look at my boobs!" dress as my mom dubbed it haha! But really that black thing under the chest looks so odd, I don't get what it's trying to do XD Too bad tho, the black and pink is so cute.

Well that's that. Too bad, it wasn't a very fun or fruitful try-on. But atleast the dark blue long dress was nice (and a nice price 200$ XP)

Do you ever try on fancy dresses for fun?
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