This week in my life...

I said I would do a daily life sort of post, well it's a whole week in one post basically because I don't do enough interesting things in one day to make a complete blog entry haha! Hmm I still feel this is such a cheap post...XD

Anyway, as I mentioned this was my last week of classes. I went to school really scrubby on Tuesday night but we got out like 2.5 hours early so why bother?

Hey btw. Why does no body say scrub or scrubby anymore? I was listening to my mom's new Glee presents the Warblers, and in the song Bills they use "scrub". When's the last time you heard scrub? haha!

My poupeegirl got fancier this week though. I changed my poupee's haircolor after a year or so during this recent price-down campaign.

From red to pink. I wanted to stay in the red color family^^

Previously I mentioned trying on prom dresses, but before that I had gone to H&M and tried on some regular clothes. Just for fun I guess. They had lots of great things, especially for blogger style.

Tried on the above shirts and shorts. I was trying out adult style, its cute, but not with my padded bra. For me, I prefer having a small chest with fashion!

Ok now let's play a game...

My friend brought me this recently (Not this week but close enough). 
Can you guess what it is?

And just so you know how boring my life is, I will now descend into another gets marathon....

Abstract floral skirt and black butterfly sleeve top with detail neckline

Super oversize sweater and face graphic tank (yes I ended up getting it)

Two maxi dresses (I have 4 now, it's enough I think XD)

Turquoise necklace, sunglasses, leopard headband


As you can see I'm trying to bring more adult items to my wardrobe. I have to sell my more youthful items now to make space...XD

Well I spent today shopping and packing for my Cali trip on Monday. Can't wait to go, but I'm meeting the DIAMOND gals so I have to look good *stress* XDDD
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