Walking in Harajuku picspam Part One

Here's the post I've been excited about for awhile that I mentioned before. And luckily since I don't want to overload it, I will make two parts! When I look at these photos I feel I'd done something right!

I'll make it my goal to take this many (or more) photos in my next upcoming trip. To me, random photos of Japan are more interesting than flat iron reviews haha!

So anyhow, these photos are from July 21st 2010. On that day I wanted to explore Harajuku and go to some specific places (which I will be writing up soon!) and I spent alot of time snapping on the street.

Ok this is not really a pic of Harajuku, but this was on there way there and I wanted to show it XP Some Rin tissues, I never see her it's always the Sakurina/Momoeri tissues. Sorry, I had already been using them haha!

In the middle of crossing, I like the variety of fashions. Especially the girl on the right wearing a fanny pack as a shoulder bag.

Here's the entrance to LaForet. It has a nice variety of fashions, and honestly its the place I go to the toilet when in Harajuku. Except last time...the whole sewer system was backed up everywhere, oh the horrible memory.

The girls on the fence are enjoying some crepes, which is the thing to do as a tourist in Harajuku.

It's not on the street, but I got this snap of a W*C backpack in Forever21.

Ok I was being the creepy tourist stalker photographer in this situation. But I took a wide shot and cropped it, so I wasn't really all up in their faces. This couple was so cool.

Here's a display of the cheap type of outfits you can get in Harajuku. Just come here and save a few bucks XD

I'm currently using this photo as the banner for my tumblr. The girls on right are embarrassed I'm taking the photo, but I swear it wasn't only them I was trying to snap.

Summer is the time for yukata, this girl's caught my eye particularly. I love the colors!

And a girl shopping 780 yen shirts for her stylish bf/friend. Just another shop selling cheap clothes, thats what you get in Harajuku, cheap no brand clothes and expensive designer clothes XD

I hope you enjoyed the photos and will come back for Part Two!
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