You love cute things? Kawaii Project survey

I had a very nice day yesterday meeting up with some gals at Bulaklak's gyaru meet, but today I am all worn out! Is there something wrong with me maybe? I didn't even stay out late! haha

Anyway, I would like to think that one of the themes of my blog is cute Japanese things and fashions. Though I don't report on it, it's still my main interest and I'm sure many of you feel the same! XD

For those of us who love Japanese cute things and fashion, NHK is working on a project to bring more information, news, images, tutorials, and products on those topics!

I think this project could grow into an amazing resource and community, with a wealth of materials in it! Now NHK is asking for your feedback on content, so you have the chance to voice your opinion on what you'd like to see there!

So please, if you have a spare moment, fill out this quick survey, and hopefully soon we will have a great place to find the latest news and info on gyaru, lolita, kawaii goods etc!!
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