Where to find purikura in Harajuku

Hi again! Today I am going to write a more informative post about Japan, that will hopefully be useful or interesting for my audience. (I think most of us here like Japanese pop culture, cute things, fashion etc. haha) I think finding purikura machines in Harajuku is not as easy as Shibuya!

Waiting to do purikura with twinsie and Shellie Mae!

Chances are if you are traveling in Japan, you are going to be in Harajuku, or perhaps you are staying here and like to hang out there. You want to commemorate the day but you're not sure where to find an arcade with that most fun of activities - purikura!

I have two recommendations in Harajuku, which I have tried both myself. I have read online there are many places to do purikura in Harajuku, but I will stick to Takeshita dori since that is where many people spend time in Harajuku.


Machines packed into Purikko! No Boys allowed btw

This has to be the more well known place for purikura in Harajuku, because it becomes super packed! It's on the basement floor of a rather nondescript building next to ACDC Rag. You can see a picture of the facade here.

It has generally update machines mixed in with some older ones, and enough machines to choose from that you're sure to find one you like. However as I mentioned it's highly trafficked, and you may be waiting in line for quite a bit to get in.

It can get busy after school like this

See the crazy crowds! I enjoy this place because there is a variety of machines, but its hot when it gets packed haha. It's also convenient because it's right on Takeshita, just keep your eyes peeled.

Uratake Girl's Style

The outside of Uratake Girl's Style

Now I noticed this purikura arcade/cafe in a magazine back during winter, it was new then and it seemed to be very nicely designed. Indeed the facade is very eye catching and there's no way you can miss it. However it's off on a side street, so you have to turn at the right time to reach it!

The best point of Uratake Girl's Style is its not packed (though it may have gotten more attention since its been open awhile now) It's clean and spacious unlike Purikko, and it offers a cafe and shopping area on the second floor.

Nice new machines are visible, with a lovely place to sit outside, so hip looking XD

However there are only about 5 machines, but they are all very new and up to date machines! You can join their point club to earn discounts, but there is a joining fee. Personally I pick Uratake over Purikko anytime haha.


If you would like to access either purikura arcade please check out the map I made below. Both are easy to find if you know the spot to look!

Harajuku purikura arcade location map

I hope you enjoyed this more Japan-info type of post, I would like to take my blog in this direction, helping people who love Japan's pop and cute culture, though I am not an expert haha!
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