A round of bowling in Tokyo

Well it's my last night here in Tokyo again, its quite sad actually. I mean besides obviously being sad to leave, I am here in the apartment alone while my friend is working. I really wish we could have spent my last day together, but flights during the week were cheaper than the weekend.

I've been meaning to write some more proper posts about Japan, and it seems to write about a fun time I had spending with my friend last year. If we can't hang out today, at least I can reminisce right? ^^

The bowling alley was in this building, which included other fun activities

Now really, I don't like bowling that much. It's fun enough, but I am not so great at it. My lowest score was seriously 24 (but that was in high school gym class and I was more interested in messing around and being obnxious with my friends..yeah) anyhow, but bowling is one of the activities you can enjoy with friends here that doesn't involve food or alcohol or singing (but it can of course).

This is the entire alley XD

The main difference between bowling in the US and Japan of course is the size of the alley. There are bowling alleys here as big as in the US, but averagely there are fewer lanes. Furthermore I am used to bowling alleys that are attached to bars, restaurants, arcades, have full meal service etc.

Not the kind of set up you want to see TT

I guess I'm gonna bowl haha!

But I am not interested in those things, so going for a round at a smaller alley without a bunch of people inhaling pizza and booze was fine for me XD Indeed there were only a couple other people there that evening. The other thing I really liked was the shoes were dispensed from a vending machine!

The shoe vending lockers

Put in 300yen, press the button and get bowling shoes!

I didn't win the game of course, I only got one strike, but it was just fun to do something familiar but I had never done in Japan before. Bowling is something I can do just once or twice a year and be satisfied haha. That goes for mosts recreation sports! Though billiards and badminton are fairly fun^^

Do you like bowling? Or have a favorite recreation sport?
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