Birthday gets, already building a wishlist

As I mentioned in my previous post that my birthday was pretty disappointing but there were a few things that were nice. My mom did try her best to make it as good as she could, though there was not much she could do. She bought some balloons after I got emotional, and she gave me some gifts.

She picked these balloons and star dangly things, which are really my taste

I opened the gifts early in the morning before I had to go and do work. They were items I had asked for specifically so I was happy to receive things I know I would use, but she also picked out some surprises because she says its not fun to receive only things you already know about. But I have two minds on that, what if you get something really wrong for a person haha!

Well here are the items that I got on my birthday:

Booties from Dollhouse (they have thick heels)

Various nice things!

I received these red pumps from my best friend, so classic!

Of course being thoroughly brainwashed by my capitalistic society, I immediately start thinking about getting more things haha. Well that's not entirely true, some of these things I have wanted for awhile. This is my wishlist for when I get another job.

My taste in fashion has really gone mode gal, I think its so exciting. It's not costumey as other gal styles can come off as, and its always evolving - feels fresh. So I am now looking at better brands, and thinking about items that have interesting cuts and don't rely on garish details. Anyway, wishlist!

W*C's leopard sweater,
it's sooo charming with its leopard spots made of W and C letters!
Oh sold out online, but perhaps I'll get it someday!

Super obsessed with Murua's stark graphic ts right now. This is my most favorite atm, I'm going to get one but the Tshirt fair items are so reasonable.

This cocoon coat from Vila, Murua has a similar one but this is more accessible and would fit my build better.

This wrap around belt from ASOS also is something I've wanted for awhile, I like the definition this kind of belt can give.

And lastly this dress from Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse. By reviews the material seems a bit flimsy, but the cut is just so dramatic!
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