New banner bonus shots

Hi again! Today I made another new banner! It seems like I just made a new banner the other day, but it was almost 2 months ago now haha. After I went back to a white layout the previous banner just seemed so empty and floating around. Though I liked it, there needed to be more color in the banner to balance everything.

Luckily I got a good idea, but I had to wait a couple weeks to execute it DX So today I could finally take the photos I wanted for the new banner and I'm rather pleased with it. There are things I could change, but its just small piddly things so no reason to go to more trouble.

Since I was already made up and dressed up, I thought I may as well take some extra photos of my looks for fun. So you get to see another post all full of my face haha.

Finally wearing my hand painted ring

I was pretty aggressive with my makeup today, since photos wash out makeup its always a good idea to apply more than usual. I also worked on my contouring, I went back to contouring my nose smaller and tried contouring it shorter. It turned out pleasantly to me.

I finally got a connector ring, and its so fun to wear haha!

This Murua inspired outfit turned out to have a tiny rock feeling XD

My mom was like "What's on your head?!" Don't diss my pomp! XP

Well that's enough of me for today right? haha I'm up to date with my thesis, I got my application material ready for the Human Subjects Research Board so now it just needs to be approved but I can start my literature review in the mean time...TT Though I could work on it now, I'll find something else to do haha.
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