Den-en-chofu, Finding fancy homes in Tokyo!

Good day everyone! This weekend was not fruitful for blogging at all was it? Well atleast not for me haha... TT Saturday I was busy all day helping my mom re-do her room, new paint and furniture, but yesterday I have no excuse haha! I guess I shouldn't laugh as it was basically a bad day, but it's better to laugh ^_~

Anyway! Today is a Japan post, we finished up my Japan Trip 7 posts and now we can pick up with some new Japan Trip 8 writeups. JT8 was really hard on me, I had heat exhaustion, bad home sickness and general ennui (Ennui is a fab word). So I didn't get out and do much, but there were some great experiences, and here is one of them!

The hill above the station is where all the big houses are!

All the trees and quiet streets give Den-en-chou a nice feeling

My friend in Japan, whom I stay with, is a very kind person and he shows this by always trying to find new places/activities to take me to in Tokyo. On that particular day he though of Den-en-chofu: a residential area known for big homes occupied by TV and sports etc stars.

One of the largest homes I saw (sorry for the low quality, it was raining TT)

Den-en-chofu is not a big glitzy shopping area, though it does have a few shops and a McDonalds around the station, it is a very visually lovely place. It also has some attractive parks, but the main attraction for visitors is the large (for Japan) homes and homes with interesting features.

A grand entrance

It would be an interesting as a side stop while visiting Jiyugaoka (which is the next stop on the Tōkyu Tōyoko Line). If you come from a country like the USA you won't be impressed by the size or scope of the houses, but it is interesting to see what is considered to be a fancy home in Japan.

Den-en-chofu has a quiet atmosphere, so its a nice place for a stroll. The day I went was drizzling and generally uncomfortable so it wasn't a great stroll, make sure to go on a dry/day XD

As I said earlier there isn't shopping or other attractions in Den-en-chofu, it's a place you could enjoy for a couple hours if you are in the area, or have been to many of the obvious tourist spots already.

Do these houses look large compared to the homes in your neighborhood, or equal sized or small even?
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