Glasses shopping and arcade playing in Ueno

Good day again, though its not been every day I've blogged this week, atleast I've done it several times and that's alot more than usual in the past few months. I don't know if I should laugh or cry at that haha! Today I had an interview, hoping it goes well but I know there's lots of others out there gunning for it too so we'll see. I couldn't tell much from the interviewer's expression. I think I am well over-qualified for the position so I'm sure I won't get it haha!

After my interview I went the Mall of America since the office I went to was like right next to it haha. I couldn't find much, and shopping alone is like "Get in get out" for me. Plus I should really wait to see if I get that job before I spend money, but I did finally get the collar choker necklace I wanted. I'm going to try to incorporate more mode gyaru fashion information here, it doesn't get much coverage and could fill up some voids left by my lack of coordinate posts.

Ok, I always use the opening paragraphs as an opportunity to blather, so lets get to the meat of this post! I hope you are going "Glasses and arcades?? Together?" because I swear, I will tie them in (in an awesome way) by the end of this entry!

So on the same day as I went to Ueno ABAB my friend needed to buy new glasses. Actually the glasses were the reason we went to Ueno, and the shopping mall just happened to be nearby XD We went to a glasses shop I can best describe as being like "Lens Crafters" or "Vision World" in the USA. One of those quick in and out places with non-designer glasses.

Honestly I should have stuck around so I could write a tutorial for those who may need to buy glasses in Japan, and because I myself may need to buy glasses someday in Japan. But seriously, I don't like going to the glasses shop even I am the buyer. So after looking at the frames a bit with my friend I went off to wander.

Your eyes will be examined here, not in a private doctor's room

They also carry circle lenses!

I would like to mention they were selling circle lenses here! Many people know you can get circle lenses at Don Quijote in Japan, but I think it's a great option to purchase them directly from a glasses shop. This shop is a chain so they should be all over the place, and the price seems to be 6,300 yen. I'd pay that for a name brand in Japan with my prescription in it^^

 Anyhow, I have an amazing travel map of Tokyo and it has everything marked on it including arcades, so it was easy to just head off to one, plus they are easy to spot as they tend to have a couple UFO catchers on the street.

Catch a fake egg?

Such as the UFO catcher above, but I'm not sure who is clamoring to catch a plastic egg which is filled with jiggly fake yolk haha! If all arcades were filled with UFO like this one my poor wallet would be safe forever, but sadly there is too many great prizes which change all the time and differ from arcade to arcade.
I was alone so I had noone to do purikura with, the other staple arcade activity I indulge in, but I did take some photos specifically to share here. Maybe I should start playing fighter games again for time like these, but the fighter game areas/floors are always crowded with guys XP

 A big advert for the new Bambi machine, seen going down some stairs

I liked this machine, the print quality was good

Neon version Alpaca!

The first arcade I went to didn't have any Arpakasso alpaca catchers so I just turned around and left haha! At that moment it was the only UFO I really wanted to play. Overall I have to say I shouldn't have wasted so much money for UFO on my last trip as my budget was waaaay to tight for it, but I did. Luckily I won two of these neon alpaca so my money was well used then.

After I finished catching the alpaca me and my friend headed back home, it was basically a regular day and perhaps not something I could blog about if it hadn't taken place in Japan haha! But here I will tie the two topics together so things are a bit less random.

At the glasses shop they were giving out little gachapon toys of glasses for free. I told my friend they fit BJD (ball-joint dolls) perfectly and so the clerk let me grab a whole bunch XD But the glasses also fit another toy well...

Cute huh! Now that I look at this photo I remember I should have sorted out these glasses toys, but maybe I will soon. Anyway, one last photo of alpaca I swear! This was my complete collection at the time, including the Neon blue and green alpaca I had just won...

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