Mini vacay up north in Duluth!

Good day my friends! Sorry there was no posting this weekend, but this post explains it all - I was busy with a quickie vacation up in the North Land of Minnesota. I feel like it was just what I needed at this time in my life! I have been so down in the dumps, stagnant and unhappy so the change of pace was totally welcome. I feel energized to start changing things, I hope I can keep this spark going.

Though I've been to Duluth several times, it is always fun because the appearance and atmosphere is just much different than it is around the Twin Cities. Duluth is a very old port city, settled by the French in 1697. It is located on the Great Lake Superior, and as the Great Lakes lead to the Atlantic ocean it is a very strategic spot for transport.

 Looking towards downtown Duluth

 Lake Superior shoreline

 Waves and rocks! (like a high school inside joke)

Driving up north

Many of the house and buildings around Duluth are from the turn of the century or even older. Some are in disrepair, some are still being used in their original compacity but many have been re-purposed as businesses, shops, and restaurants giving the city an old homey but cool feeling. I don't have such old buildings around me, so its great to see them preserved in my home state.

 Gooseberry Falls State Park

 A Lynx, native to Minnesota

A Snowy Owl (inside the Gooseberry Falls visitor center)

Over the years my family has visited all the tourist points around Duluth, including Glensheen mansion, the zoo, the aquarium, the boardwalk, museums etc. But now its more fun to be there and relax haha. Duluth is also a great spot to start a drive further up north along the Superior shoreline. There are lots of nice outdoorsy activities to do a bit more north.

Gooseberry Falls

Overlooking the park

Splitrock light house

House where the lighthouse keepers lived

I would say the highlight of the trip for me was on Saturday, when we were driving up the shoreline and stopped at the Gooseberry Falls state park. We spent 2 hours hiking, and its such a lovely state park with water falls, hills and tons of birch trees, it just make you want to keep exploring. I also spent way too much time hunting for agates in the whipping winds.

After Gooseberry Falls we went a bit further up to the Split Rock light house, but you can't enter it during the winter months (it's still winter up there, very cold and windy TT). So we didn't spend much time there. But on the way home I snapped a couple of the lovely sort of house you can find around Duluth.

On Saturday evening we walked around Canal Park which is right across from the hotel we stayed in. There were a few nice shops, and a fun antique shop (sadly they only had a Firefly My Little Pony, not any I didn't already have haha TT) But we couldn't stay up too late as the hiking earlier tired everyone out haha.

 In Canal Park

Sunday we just drove back home, it was such a long drive and really tiring. Well I shouldn't have gotten so tired from just sitting there, it was because I could barely sleep the night before TT Honestly I am rather sad to be home again so soon, it was so enjoyable to be like my old self again. I guess I just need to plan another vacation soon XD
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