Coordinate Post! 3rd week of May outfits

Hi there everyone! I'm finally posting some new outfits, I dressed up in who knows how long (Actually it's if you look back you can see it's been 10 months haha). It really is a shame to me that I went so long. For me making outfits was a good way to express my creativity such as it is (since I don't draw anymore) and it was often like an experiment. Sometimes my outfits came out improperly formed, but other times I struck upon something I felt was good. Either way it helped me feel accomplished.

Luckily I was able to put together outfits last week, despite working full time and not really having any place to go haha. It's kinda hard for me to say what my tastes have been the past year and what they are now. I like brands like Swankiss, Titty&co, Lillily, Katie, Milk, etc. I find inspiration from Risa, Andi Autumn, Amo, Creepyyeha, Saaya Hayashida. So kinda a variety overall, but I'd say generally cute haha!

Outfit 1 
Top: H&M

Skirt: Gap (thrifted)
Shoes: Mojo Moxy
Acce: Handmade, ebay sunglasses

This is my personal favorite of the bunch, I feel like the balance is correct and I like the contrast between the leather skirt and the airy crop top. I'd like to try this again with my natural hair, or without the ribbons for a cooler look.

Outfit 2 
Top: Forever21

Skirt: ASOS
Shoes: ASOS
Acce: Handmade

This is kinda a marine look, I really like the suspender skirt but they only had one size left so I have to use a clip to keep it snug haha. The top could be combined with many other types of bottoms so I'll try to get a lot of use out of it haha.

Outfit 3 -
Cardigan: Thrifted

Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Mudd
Acce: Handmade

I also enjoyed this outfit, a bit casual but still it stands out. I think some statement earrings would boost it, but I love my choker and need to make more like it haha. The cut and pattern on this F21 dress is perfect, I just wish the material was nicer. I'm trying to move towards more high quality items, thrifting offers the best quality v. price if you can handle the hunt haha.

I've bought some new clothes and shoes this week, and I have a few more items on my current wish list so that excites me with what coordinates I can make with them! I'm looking at new wigs too, my current collection doesn't really go with my current taste as much. I hope you enjoyed my first new outfits in nearly a year haha. I'll be posting a circle lens review shortly as well :)
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