Coordinate Post - Keep it blue outfit and new layout!

Good evening everyone! I'm trying hard to manage my time and get all the things I need to get done everyday but it's really hard when working fulltime haha! Luckily I can make a couple outfits per week when it's the weekend and like I mentioned last time I really want to improve my outfit photos. So this post will reflect that and moving forward my outfit posts will follow this new format. Rather than posting several outfits together with just one or two basic shots, I will devote the post to one outfit and try to should several better shots of it. I think this will work out well, because there's more/better photos to look at and also because I don't have that many outfits that it will inundate you haha!

Well I'm not good at naming outfits, not sure how those people do it all the time over on lookbook, but this outfit is all blue (except the bag) so I went with the obvious. I thank my mom for taking these photos for me! I certainly feel more excited to post these pictures and feel it will improve my blog :) Let me know if you like it too.

top: F21
skirt: ASOS
shoes: Nine West
jewelry: Handmade
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