Coordinate Post - One of the Pink Ladies outfit

Good morning, it's Sunday morning over here in Minnesota so the weekend is almost all gone already and I have done hardly anything for blogging :( But I do have lots of plans for things to do, it's just a matter of finding time (or buying some lighting then I could do my photos and such even after work). Thank you everyone for your lovely response to my previous post about my weight loss. I really hope you will enjoy/be excited about what I have coming up soon in regards to health and weight loss.

I also received my order from Lockshop wigs finally, I am very happy to have some new wigs! I'll be doing reviews for them soon if everything can work out as I hope haha. And hopefully this will be the last outfit post with my natural hair for awhile. I just don't like how it's looking, though I do enjoy having the shorter hair/bob style. Here is another outfit, this one is more cute compared to my Keep It Blue outfit. I'm still kinda figuring out my style/building up my wardrobe, there's several styles I really find inspiring so it's a matter of putting together the elements I love into something coherent haha.

Well, I hope you will like this new outfit, I think the photos came out nicely!

top: Thrift
dress: f21
shoes: ASOS
bag/sunnies: H&M

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