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Hello good evening everyone. How is your summer going so far? For me it has been entirely uneventful, spending all my days and nights at work and trying to recoup whenever I am not there haha. I did do a little tweaking on the blog layout here, and that made me strongly want to begin blogging more. Looking over my past entries I just thought about how fun it was to share all my experiences and thoughts with everyone.

Right now all I have time and mental energy for are doing my sponsor reviews, but I will be going back to Japan soon (it's what's keeping me going at this point) so I know I will start up my blog in full then. I also plan to finally buy a domain! But anyhow I hope you will enjoy this pink circle lens on light eyes review!

Your lenses from Pinkicon come with a lovely manual!

Pinkicon.com approached me again to review some of their daily wear circle lenses a while ago (this review is long overdue TT) and I was very interested in the offer! I have never used daily 1 time contacts before so it was a new experience. First off it was very strange to not open these the night before and let them soak 8+ hours. I was able to just pop open the pull-back lid and insert them on my eyes. I think this is very convenient as you can travel with them, or put them in your bag to wear later without worry about them leaking.

Because they are 1 time use, I found them to be a lot thinner and breathable than my usual 1 year circle lenses. They don't have to hold up as long so they can be made of more comfortable material. I found I was able to wear them a little over 8 hours before my eyes got too irritated and I had to take them out. It was also strange just tossing them in the waste bin after! But again they were comfortable and convenient.

The pattern on the lens is quite nice and natural, it features a few colors in a striated design that closely blends in with your own iris. However these are designed for dark eyes so rather than gentle pink lenses they show up like a murky hazel on my light eyes. It isn't terribly unnatural or anything, but the lovely color of these lenses is lost on light eyes. I'd love to try the Twinkle Eyes Sky Grey, I think those would be perfect for light eyes!

As for enlargement, these do a decent job, they are 14,5mm so you will get a nice dolly eye without it being too alien like. They are a big difficult to apply, again because they are thinner, they tended to fold in on themselves when I tried to get them in haha. I liked how they filled up my eye but looked natural enough to wear with Larme-kei.

Overall I was very happy with the Twinkle Eyes in rose pink, it would not be my first color choice as I know pink doesn't work on me. But I really like how comfortable they are and that I can carry them with me on the go easily. You can get a set of 5 pairs on Pinkicon.com here! Pinkicon ships quickly and it one of the few webshops I've seen selling lenses you can get in Japan online!

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