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Hello everyone! I haven't been keeping up with updating as I hoped, work has gotten even more hectic and stressful (something I didn't even think was possible). But I do have lots of ideas flying around in my head, and I know once I get back to Japan things will be different in my life and around here on my blog. To get a jump on things changing I'm finally doing something I have been thinking about doing for a while now - getting a domain!

So this is my notice that moments like diamonds will be ending and saramari.com will be starting. It's a nice timing in my life as I really want a new chapter, and to leave the past couple of years behind. Please make sure to update any bookmarks or subscriptions. I'm going to make this url redirect to my new domain so hopefully everything will be working and looking good.

Also you may have noticed the new template, I'm really happy with how this blog looks with it. Much more trendy and up to date. I think it will also let me incorporate more informative and professional looking articles. Anyhow can't wait to get going!
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