Self Introduction
I go by the name Sara Mari, and I am a blogger. Since I graduated from university last year I have been struggling to find my place in the world, I currently work as a weight loss counselor but I am dreaming of Japan everyday! My interests are fashion, photography and traveling. I have mostly traveled in the US and to Japan, but I hope to see more of Asia in the future. I have been creating websites since I was 13, so blogging became a natural progression of that creative love of the internet.

Name: Sara Mari
Birthdate: October 1
Sign: Libra

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
173 cm (5'8)
57 kg (126 lb)
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Teal
Shoe: 26 cm
Camera: Nikon D3200

Favorites and interests
Color: Black, white, pastel pink
Food: Cake, chocolate, pizza
Drink: Green tea, black coffee, water
Music: Marina and the Diamonds, Kyary
Hobby: Photography, fashion, travel
Brands: Katie, lilLilly, Honey mi honey

Travel Information
Japan Trip 1: 57 days - Yokohama, Tokyo (Nov-Dec)
Japan Trip 2: 14 days - Tokyo (May)
Japan Trip 3: 21 days - Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto (Aug)
Japan Trip 4: 18 days - Tokyo (Dec)
Japan Trip 5: 30 days - Tokyo (May 1-30)
Japan Trip 6: 43 days - Tokyo (July 11 - Aug 30)
Japan Trip 7: 19 days - Tokyo (Dec 29 - Jan 16)
Japan Trip 8: 74 days - Tokyo (June - August)
Japan Trip 9: 35 days - Tokyo (Oct - Sept)

I'm Sara Mari, welcome to my blog
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