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Oh I am having a lazy day today. There are lots of things I should be doing on the net, such as editing my photos, replying to emails, and doing my school work. However I am feeling so tired today, I think its all about my lady cycle. On the train today I did that kind of sleep you see the Japanese doing, where they jerk back every time they nod/move.

Then I got back to the apartment and I ate too much and took a nap. I think someone who is not working doesn't need to take a nap haha! But I want to sleep at night so I woke up after a hour and I am here now to give you a little update hehe^^

Mister Donut display case in Akihabara

As I have written before, I love Mister Donut! It's a place I could eat every other day and never get bored. Being the good dieter I am, I ate there only once during this trip - on Day 2 in Akihabara. And even though I couldn't eat much, I made such a fabulous choice it was all good.

The donut I chose, and that I want to strongly recommend today is the Pon de Ring kinako crunch! I always like to chose unique donuts. Pon de Rings are definently something you are not going to find in the US, and kinako is one of my favorite flavors so the choice was obvious.

Pon de Kinako crunch in front, double chocolate donut in the back (not recommended haha)

Both me and my friend were really impressed by the taste of the Pon de Kinako crunch. The flavor was not too sweet, but not bland at all. It was pleasantly nutty and warm, the cream in the center mixed well with the donut and the chocolate dipped area was perfect. The crunchy part comes from the texture, it feels like it was grilled.

Crispy outside and chewy inside, so lovely! haha Anyhow, if you have the chance, please try this donut.

Cookie Cruller, chocolate and almond flavor

Also 5 days ago Mister Donut came out with a new line of donuts called Cookie Crullers, they look very delicious and have a bit of a crunch. I love all the new and limited time items Mister Donut is always introducing, I may have to try one of these before I head back to the US. Just gotta make sure to work it off haha^^
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  1. Hello, さらまり,
    We also have Mr. Donut in Taiwan,
    but the flavors here are a bit different, much local.
    My favorite one is double strawberry donut,
    and my bf's favorite is peanut chocolate.

    I think the tastes of Mr. Donut’s donuts are the softest I've ever eaten. :-)

  2. eu tambem adoro o mister donut's,vira e mexe estou fazendo lanches maravilhosos la,e prefiro os com recheio!

  3. Ahhh. Now I will not be able to resist getting one as I pass by the Mr. Donut at the station tomorrow. ;-)

    Thanks for the appetizing post. (But I have to admit I like Krispy Kreme better and since they have a few of them in Japan now, my diet is in more danger than ever ^^

  4. they all look so delicious! :3

  5. Yum! I want to try, they look really delicious!

  6. @____@
    I need to go there on my next visit XD

  7. Looks so yummy!! I am envious of all the food you can have in Japan!! XDDD

  8. Mister DOnuts, is where the devil works! haha.. yeah I love chocolate fashion and Pondering Ring :D I got a mister donut mini mug XD you ought to get a card and collect points while you're there XD

  9. Oh goosh~ what to say more then... Gaaah~ looking so yummy *drools* Now I'll have to make dad buy me some, I'm sick today so the diet will have to wait :P haha~ -_-);..

    The pink donuts in the corner look realllly yummy... guuh~ <3

    Huggles* peace and ice cream <3

  10. ooh I will have to try that when I go back to Taiwan! There is a Mr. Donut on the way to the subway station I believe...

  11. I hear so much about this place! I wish I could try one someday!T_T

  12. :o I want donuts and cookies now,wish there was a mister donut here.

  13. mmmmmm.... doughnuts!
    You know I was reading this blog post at work and a few of the guys I work with saw all the doughnuts, suddenly the whole team had a doughnut craving!!

  14. Delicious donuuuts...now I want donuts..OWO

  15. yumm!!~~~~ :DDD~~

    which japanese donut brand did you think is the best? i've only tried mister donut but it was yum~ :D

  16. Kinako Crunch sounds so OISHi. Mister Donut is the best! I love their special limited edition flavours. And I love their donut shops where you can help yourself to donuts on your tray. The mascots are cute too. :)

  17. They look really good! By the way, I think being able to sleep safely on the train is one of the best things about Japan. Yay for sleeping!

  18. Wie don't have any Donuts shop in my town ~___~
    But we have Dunkin Donut here in some cities, I love Donuts soooo much! ^^

  19. those loook soooo good! Now I want a donut!


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