May 23, 2015

* Sponsor Review * Geo Bella circle lenses in Grey

Hi everyone, remember me? Haha, yes I still plan to blog from time to time, though blogging seems to have gone the way of geocities and myspace - it's passe. Still I think this format is best for reviews, or travel write ups. I am thinking of doing some more youtube videos, I'm just so not confident that I feel like any video I make would be useless and boring. I guess most peoples' youtubes are useless but they make them anyway, so should I! haha.

Anyhow, now I am saving and planning my next trip to Japan! Yes that's right - Japan Trip 10! I can't wait to see all the things I love again, and explore all the new shops, sites and cafes that have popped up since I was last there. Also I'm excited to wear all my fancy Larme-kei clothing there (and buy all the awesome AW15 items I'm peeping). To complete any larme-kei look you need the right circle lenses, and today I have a perfect pair for you :D

natural light

I was approached by to join their ambassador program, which allowed me the chance to review these lenses. I know they are one of the older/well known models but I had never tried them before. Based on preview photos I thought they would be too dark for my eyes, but now that I have been able to try them on my own light eyes, I can safely say these circle lenses would flatter anyone!

The color in a lens case appears dark grey with a black outer ring that tends towards the smaller end. There aren't many different colors, just a couple shades of grey, but it has a very natural fade out into the lens part. So when applied to your eye there is a very soft and sweet appearance. I'm not sure how much the grey would be able to lighten dark eyes, as I did notice these darkened my iris a little bit. Overall the design blended with my eyes very well!

one lens in
Despite the fact these lenses are just 14.2mm they have very good enlarging as you may notice in the picture above. I usually tend towards 15mm lenses, but these are as good or better than some large diameter lenses. This is because the printing is all the way up to the edge so you get maximum payoff haha. I felt these did a good job enlarging my eye, making a sweet dolly look without being too large and alien like. I can wear them with lighter makeup and look nice also.

Comfort wise, they are just as you would expect with a big brand like Geo. They are easy to apply to the eye, without much flipping and floating about. Furthermore I was able to wear them over 6 hours without any troubles, I didn't even re-wet though you should always do that periodically. I'm glad these lenses are comfortable and wearable because they are the type I would want to wear daily - they go well with many looks and styles.

I was very satisfied with the Geo Bella in grey lenses, beautiful big and comfy! LensVillage was so prompt in replying to me, making sure my items were correct and got to me in a timely manner. They have so many cute circle lenses and asian cosmetic items to browse thru, they certainly have what you are looking for so make sure to check them out!

Right Now you can save 30% off all ICK circle lenses until May 25th!

March 31, 2015

Maetel cosplay plus G&G Natural Blue lens review

Good morning friends! I can't keep up with blogging at all, I can't make promises even at this point cause I know I won't be able to follow through. My current job is taking an enormous chunk of my life and health but it's too difficult to find something else so I kinda just have to roll with it for now. Once and a while I get time to do something fun, and this post will show a bit of that! Pinky Paradise announced their Media Diva contest sometime ago and it stuck me as a fun way to do a lens review, so I went about thinking of what I could do to make my usual reviews cooler :D

What I came up with was a quick Maetel cosplay!

Maetel is probably not well known anymore, especially not so in the west here, but she is a character from Leiji Matsumoto's anime titled Galaxy Express 999. And to be frank I don't know that much about her either as it was well before my time/I haven't watched it. But one time I was told I look like Maetel, Leiji draws his women with noses similar to mine haha, and since then I have wanted to cosplay her. Luckily I have just the right hat.

I have seen Maetel drawn with dark eyes and light eyes, being that I am light eyed I decided to go with a lens that would blend with my own eye color while creating a soft, sweet look. Hunting through Pinky Paradise's extensive stock of circle lenses eventually lead me to the G&G Natural Blue Lens and I couldn't be happier.

This circle lens features a blue color design, but the blue is nicely transparent so over light eyes it just enhances blue tones. I have seen a lot of blue lenses that are very opaque, to stand out over dark eyes, but when worn on light eyes look totally fake. So the G&G Natural Blue really has a wonderful design in that it looks lovely on all color eyes. The outer ring of the lens is dark, but not bold. It is a dark grey/blue color so it is not as harsh as a black ring.

While the G&G Natural in blue has a diameter of 14.5mm I found it to be noticeably enlarging, it created a very nice dolly look. The printing on the lens goes well towards the edge of the lens, combined with the overall design you get a lens that makes your eyes look obviously larger but not completely unnatural in appearance. For me this sort of look and enlargement are just right! The lenses were easy to apply as well.

As for comfort, I had a decent experience with them. Unfortunately I did get a piece of glitter in my eye from my eyeliner, and I couldn't flush it out so it was a bit distracting for some time as I wore these lenses.  I was able to wear them for about 4-5 hours before I experienced any irritation. I wetted my eyes and I was able to wear them another hour before I had to take them out. So I would say these have an average comfort level.

Wouldn't it be fun one day if I could complete a Maetel cosplay, all I really need to do is make the coat so it's just a matter of getting some materials together! She has such a willowy appearance and somber expression, I wonder if I could pull it off haha. But I had a fun time putting on a wig and wearing long lashes again, I hope you had as much fun checking out this post :3

March 12, 2015

* Sponsor Review * Lenspop Bunny Color in brown circle lens

Hi friends! How are you. I feel like I can start every blog post complaining about my job and life, then excusing myself from not blogging haha. Those facts remain true, but it's starting to become obvious I won't be able to quit this job for some time so I just have to find some way to cope with the stress and physical pain. I generally work 2nd shift, if you have ever worked fulltime you know that's the worst, so I only have a couple free hours a day. I'm going to start making lists for myself so I can get at least a couple things done a week haha! I'm counting this post as one accomplishment for this week!

Anywho I was approached by to review one of their house brand circle lenses, they offered me the Bunny Color in brown lens and I was happy to try a new brown lens as it's been a couple years. What struck me immediately about the lens as I was browsing the product page was the lovely design. Kpop Lens sent me the lenses at the very end of January, and they arrived to me about 2.5 weeks later. The packaging was very nice and secure, with the lenses and a kit in a cute little box.

natural light

One lens in
Again, when I opened up the little bottles and took out the lenses I was taken with the beautiful natural design. There is a obvious outer ring, but it is blended with the body of the lens. There are several tones in the graphic producing a very soft and realistic lens. You can easily wear these lenses in the day time, and they will go very well with sweet gyaru, Larme-kei, and the trend toward softer makeup.

While the diameter of the Bunny Color lenses is only 14mm, they appear much larger and have more enlargement than you'd expect! I have lenses with wider diameter that don't have the same enlargement as these ones do. I think this is due to the printing, which looks like it goes right up to the very edge of the lens. So in my mind you are getting a great value with this lens. Of course being a brown lens it doesn't blend with my light eyes, but for a brown lens this one looks pretty good on me! And it looks so sweet and pretty on brown eyes.

I was able to wear these for several hours, I didn't find them irritating or itchy but I did find I needed to re-wet and/or remove them sooner than some other lenses I have. I think they have decent comfort and quality for the price. Just make sure if you are going out and about to bring a lens kit with you so you can remove them after 4 hours or so to keep your eyes in good condition :)

February 27, 2015

* Sponsor Review * Born Pretty brown false eyelash #HW-47

Hello everyone! Pardon my absence as usual, my current job is really one of the most tiring I've ever had so I'm in the process of trying to find something more suitable for my lifestyle, mental health and goals. It's particularly hard when no one will even let me get to the interview even haha. I'm only able to write this post now because I took the day off, I'm really glad I did because I feel so calm for once. Furthermore I've wanted to share these lashes with you for awhile now because they are just so beautiful and perfect for larme-kei makeup!

When approached me to review some of their items, this product stood out to me immediately. Japanese makeup is trending away from bold false eyelashes: towards brown, or natural false lashes, eyelash extensions and even just mascara. I've seen many of my favorite models using brown eyelashes from some of my favorite eyelash brands, and never having used brown eyelashes myself I thought this was the right time to try them out!

These particular eyelashes are handmade (though I cannot really imagine being dexterous enough to make these little lashes all by hand!) out of synthetic fibers. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful and unique design of these eyelashes, they are not dense and have a criss cross pattern which results in a very soft and natural appearance when worn! They create a sweet dolly look, and would flatter all eyes with their design. The fibers are also rather long, but since they are not thick even with the length they look natural.

Another great point of these eyelashes is their lack of shininess. I did not find any shine to them even when I took photos using flash, they are very matte. The fibers are also very soft and comfortable to wear. The band is flexible and super easy to apply, they shape to your eyelid easily. I am having a hard time finding any negative points to the #HW-14 eyelashes, they meet or exceed all of my expectations :)

For the price of 3.74$ you'll have a hard time finding another type of eyelashes that are as trendy and well made as these. They are on par with lashes 4x the cost, and even better than some brand name. There are several other eyelashes in this series which look equally lovely, and Born Pretty has a ton of brown eyelashes if this design doesn't catch your eye.

My experiences with have all been positive so far, they carry a very large selection of cosmetics from China which are very comparable to local drug store brands quality and price wise. They are always prompt in replying to me and shipping times are good considering the distance. The packaging is very secure. I will certainly repurchase these eyelashes again when I run out, they are really lovely!

Make sure to use code CHZ10 at checkout to get 10% off your order!

February 10, 2015

* Sponsor Review * Breakfast for Your Face masks

Hi everyone, finally I have a day off and actually I have 2 in a row, what a relief. My current job is really stressing me out, and I miss out on so much because of it. I'm still trying to keep my blog going, so I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my entries though they come along irregularly haha. I also hope everyone is happy to read my reviews, they are becoming a larger portion of my posts and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. I always try to review items I think you'll like to learn more about, and hopefully if you're like me you are into skin care!

I was approached by to review some of their unique and lovely products, their assortment is particularly great for gift giving. Check out their gifts for wives, or here for gifts for mom to browse really sweet items that appeal to us ladies! Many of their items you'll see on UncommonGoods are created by artisans or small businesses, which I feel supporting is a priority. Their hand crafted items not only cover decor and jewelry, but beauty products as well. One thing I have been more concerned with over the last year or so is the condition of my skin, When I saw they offered this really neat trio of face masks that are 99% natural, I knew right away I would love to try them myself.

The Breakfast For Your Face masks are made of natural ingredients you might find in your own panty! They are in powder form and come smartly packaged in spice bottles. What is great about the powdered consistency of these masks is they have a longer shelf life then some other natural masks I have seen out there (12-18 months once opened). They are produced here in the USA by the small business Rinse, which makes a range of bath and soap products.

Everything comes packaged well in a sturdy cardboard box, inside that is a cotton drawstring bag containing the three masks and a business card. All the information you'll need about the masks is printed right on the labels. The ingredient lists are so short! The instructions are simple and easy to follow - just use 1 tsp of the mask powder and mix with your liquid of choice to make into a paste. They suggest milk, cream, olive oil, honey, tomato juice etc depending on your skin type.

I have used honey and milk when making my masks and find the texture to turn out very easy to work with and smoothing. Honey, olive oil and milk are all very high in nutrients and well known to be great for skin.

The Oatbrasion mask works very well at exfoliating and revealing softer skin, the small pieces of pumice can be a bit rough so I made sure not to rub it on my face too much. My face felt especially clean after this mask!

The Cafe Mocha mask smells so amazing! You won't want to wash it off haha. It really does de-puff your skin and it has a cooling effect on the skin.

The Yogurt mask is great now during these winter months, when the cold air dries out your face. Using this mask made my skin softer, and took care of patchiness.

Cafe Mocha mask, made with milk. You can see there are actual pieces of espresso beans in there!
Overall I was very pleased by these masks, the packaging was endearing and the powdered form is easy to work with. Also as you only use 1 tsp with each mask, the bottles last a long time so you get a great value for the price. I like how they are customizable and address common issues everyone experiences. My only complaint is that a teaspoon can't fit into the opening on the bottle so it can be a little messy measuring them out. But they are natural, smell great, and support a small business.

These masks are sold exclusively at UncommonGoods, so make sure to check out their website. They ship quickly, and package very very well. I have enjoyed their service, and it's fun to browse all the unique gifts they sell. Uncommon goods also carries gifts for husbands here as well, or personalized gifts for everyone.
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