December 17, 2014

* Sponsor review * Soo n soo Chiffon hair ribbon

Good evening again friends! I feel very excited to be blogging two days in a row, it feels like the old days. I'm the kind of person that lives in the past so I have to actively remind myself that the past only exists in memories haha. Still those memories serve as reminders of my potential, it's hard to make myself do the things I want. Just have to keep hyping myself up, because I'm always happy with the results :D Like today's review: I am really pleased with how the photos turned out, how it all looks, so I hope you'll enjoy it as well!

Yesstyle approached me again this autumn to produce a review for the accessory brand they carry called soo n soo. It's a brand from South Korea producing very adorable and trendy hair pieces and jewelry. I was very excited to work with them on this review as it's been some time since I reviewed a fashion accessory, and soo n soo has some very wonderful items to choose from (check the end of the post for more of my favorites!) Though it was a very difficult decision, I picked out the Chiffon bow hair clip because I always love this type of ribbon on other girls, and it fits many different looks :)

The hair clip arrived to me in wonderful condition, it was very well packed in double layered bubble wrap. The shipping time was around 2 weeks, perhaps a little over, which is not a long time coming from Asia but I always get antsy in that time frame. When I first removed the ribbon from the packaging I was very happy with the overall quality - there were no snags on it already, and all the loops and pieces laid perfectly symmetrical.

Chiffon is a beautiful light weight fabric so it doesn't pull the hair at all, and the fabric falls very gracefully. As you can see in the close-ups the material is very well woven and soft, showing that it is good quality.  Inside over the clip's base there is a "handmade" label glued on, care was taken with this hair ribbon as everything is in place and even. The clip itself is very large sized so you can really clip back a good amount of hair. Even with my thick Lockshop wig on, I had no problems holding the wefts in place with this ribbon!

This ribbon comes in 5 beautiful colors, I particularly like the ivory and black colors also, it was so hard just to pick one. After wearing this ribbon, I wouldn't mind having two more! I think it would go well with lots of different styles, this pink color can be both cutesy or elegant depending how you wear it. I really recommend this product, I think the price is just right for the quality and it's much better than similar ribbons I've seen in fast fashion shops. Make sure to check out Yesstyle for super cute fashion from all over Asia - including Japanese brands!

Soo n soo makes so many other cute accessories, so I thought I'd share my other favorites!


December 16, 2014

Coordinate Post! Monotone monopoly outfit

Hello again everyone! I have returned to Minnesota, my arrival was on Saturday so I've had a couple days to get settled back in, actually now that I type that I realize how quickly the past few days have gone! I suppose it's because it's the holiday season so there's always a lot to do. Further more I received a job offer yesterday finally (after 3 months of job hunting)  and they've been having me do a lot of paper work and such. The thought of working full-time again makes me sick, but the thought of money makes my wardrobe really haha! I will be able to afford my dream clothes but will have no time to wear them. That is the horror of adult life D:

So I had better post my outfits while the getting's good, actually I hope I'll be better at dressing up when I'm working. As long as I don't let myself be lazy, I tend to be more productive when I'm under a time crunch. There's a lot I want to accomplish in 2015 (that I didn't start this year) so many the thing I should learn right now is time management haha. My outfits lately have been improving and I'm studying Larme and my fave models' blogs dutifully, so I feel more confident with my style than I have since I first started gyaru. Anyhow, hope you enjoy this look!

knit: no brand
top: thrift
skirt: handmade
shoes: ASOS
I really love this skirt my mom made me, it's easy to wear and matches a lot of things, but I have been feeling self conscious about shorter skirts lately. Maybe it's because midi skirts are so popular at the moment? Anyhow, I plan to get a longer gingham skirt with a larger print, I'm just not sure if I should go for a full or a pencil cut :D This skirt was featured a few times in Larme 013 so it's been the one I'm keeping my eye on. Luckily soon I'll actually be able to buy it!

Up next I will be making a hair accessory review for Yesstyle, and then I will do a write up for my Disney World vacation last week. It was very crowded there this time, much more people than expected so it was difficult to see and do everything we wanted. But I still have lots of cute pictures to share!

December 5, 2014

Winter want list 2014

Hello good evening friends, I am writing to you tonight the night before I head back to Disney World again. I'm not sure why when I have every day free I wait until the night before a trip to write a blog post but I guess I work best right at the deadline haha. This is a post I have been meaning to put together this whole week, it's not that it's particularly in depth but I just always found something else to spend my time on. I can't believe a week has already passed in December, this year is wrapping up! Start getting ready to say good bye to 2014!

I'm sure you are seeing all the lucky bags brands are pre-selling, and peeks of their upcoming spring collections. While in the midst of winter we are being geared up to buy our sun dresses and shorts haha. But before we get there, I want to show my want list of 2014, my hot items of this season haha. The reason I have decided to call this a want list rather than a wishlist is because I can't even wish to get these things, I can simply want them from afar. We are all thinking about what we will ask for the holidays and what to get our loved ones, but I think it's easiest to shop for yourself :D

clockwise from upper left:
Sephora brush set //  TUK shoes // Katie brooch // Milk cardigan // monlily purse // Too Faced eyeshadows
Modcloth cat purse // lilLilly skirt // Katie onepiece // monlily bralet

clockwise from upper left:
bonbon heart purse // Kriss Soonik top // YSL lipsticks // Katie clutch // monlily cardigan
missguided pencil skirt // Pleaser mules // lilLilly onepice // monlily cardigan // Naked3 palette 
I think I have pretty cohesive wants! These would all work together so well and create a ton of cute looks. Maybe you can tell which colors are my favorites hehe :) and my Larme-kei style is pretty evident. Did you see the 013 issue yet? If so I'm sure you can pick out all the items I love from it. Do any of my wanted items appeal to you too?

Well now I have a couple hours to relax before the flurry of flights, buses and hotel check in tomorrow. I suppose I am a mega pro at flying now but all I think is "Please let's just get this over with as fast as possible" as much as flying annoys me I really hope I can have another long flight to Japan soon (can I put that on my want list too? haha). I won't be able to update the blog while I'm in Disney, not bringing my laptop, but I will be updating all my social media with tons of Disney pictures and tidbits.

November 24, 2014

* Sponsor Review * Born Pretty handmade false eyelashes #L-9

Hello there everyone! I'm not posting very regularly, but I am glad to at least be blogging every week. I'm still not comfortable with living in my apartment, nothing is really how I would like it and it leaves me feeling like doing nothing. I'm going to have to be a lot more motivated to get up and do stuff even though it's really difficult! Well today I am finally getting around to a review I had been needing to write for a long time, so I am pretty proud I finally got around to it. My makeup style is getting a bit more soft, so I wanted to try new eyelashes that would go with a "natural" soft girly style. When BornPretty approached me to write some reviews for their products, I decided to review these eyelashes!

I was initially attracted to these lashes because of their design, they have nice natural looking fibers - no points or clumps, just a fan shape of regular sized fibers. As well there are thicker/longer fibers at the outer corner which is complementary to many eye shapes, including my own. The design of these lashes lends itself well to a variety of looks, it will go well with a natural look, a cat eye, tear bags etc. I would certainly recommend this type of design for people starting out with false eyelashes as they'll be easy to incorporate into your makeup routine.

The lashes themselves are very flexible and pliable, this makes it a lot easier to apply and wear. They are not the most flexible lashes I've used, so you'll want to gently bend them a bit to soften up, but they will shape to your eyelid easily and not poke you. The fibers are thick and soft to the touch, however they are longer than I imagined from the stock photos. They are described as "long" on Born Pretty's website and I would take that description to heart. The #L-9 are some of the longest eyelashes I've used, but with the natural design of them, I don't feel like they are too over the top.

no flash
with flash

One thing I did notice was these lashes are a bit shiny. In real life it's only a slight shine, and it's not noticeable in photos, however when using flash you can see a obvious shine. These would not be good lashes to use during a photo shoot, or video recording under flash/heavy lighting. Otherwise for a normal day to day wear these are very wearable. And for the price you certainly can't beat the quality. You receive 5 pairs of eyelashes for 5.99. You will find them to be a bit lower quality than say Diamond Lash, but they are certainly great quality for the price.

Born Pretty has a ton of eyelashes to choose from, full band, half band, upper, lower, party styles etc, as well as all the tools you'll need to apply them. Born Pretty is a huge emporium of cosmetics and certainly have whatever you're looking for. The quality is about/above drug store quality while being lower cost. I have enjoyed prompt costumer service and decent shipping times with Born Pretty.

November 17, 2014

The faux fur trend and furry shoes DIY

Hello everyone! How is your autumn going, mine's totally finished here in Minnesota haha. Since it snowed a week ago (and is too cold for the snow to melt) I have already began to feel in the winter spirit. Suddenly the christmas decorations out in every store don't bother me as much, and I'm looking at getting a new christmas tree haha. I feel kinda bad that Thanksgiving gets no attention anymore besides being a big glorified day for  retail corporations to shore up their massive proftis/pad their shareholders' wallets, but it wasn't that great of a holiday anyhow. However, since winter is in full swing now, that means warm clothes to keep you safe from the chilly winds!

One of the obvious trends of this winter season is the fluffy furry trend. It manifests in many ways, but most obviously is in furry accessories. You will be hard pressed to find a brand that hasn't released some fur covered item recently. You can find fluffy material sweaters, skirts, socks and berets, and fur covered shoes, earrings, bags, coats and as trim on all types of clothing. I'm generally speaking about Japanese brands here, but you can see it creeping up a bit in western brands as well!

 lilLilly // Merry Jenny // Bubbles // Bubbles // Swankiss // Top Shop // Candy Stripper // Missguided

The must have item though is Bubbles Tokyo's pom pom earrings, maybe out of low pile fur fabric in a multitude of colors. You can see girls sporting them in just about every other street snap out there, Bubbles as been a leader in trend items lately and their pom pom earring certainly took off. You can find pom pom earrings in a huge variety in Japanese stores now, so there's no end to your options. It's an affordable and eye catching way to stay on trend.

Another item I'm catching more and more glimpses of are furry shoes! From loafers with pom poms by g.v.g.v. to furry sandals by Lillilly to completely fur covered like Swankiss's platform shoes - you'll find a style to fit your taste. Personally I took a liking to Lillilly's take on the fur shoe trend, especially when Risa Nakamura sported a pair on TV. Western brands like Top Shop and Missguided are offering similar looking items (The ones at Top Shop always sell out quick!), but I was looking for a specific shape and color. As I can't fit Japanese shoes, I decided to make my own!

DIY Furry Sandals

Firstly I knew I wanted pink shoes, it's my favorite color and the Lillilly pink colorway ones looked so good on Risa haha. It is rather hard to find cute pink shoes in the west, but luckily I found some Satin sandals on Missguided. These type of barely there strappy sandals are a trend in the west so you'll have lots to choose from when making your furry shoes.

I already had pink fake fur on hand, but you'll likely need to go and purchase some. I recommend a medium pile fur, I used long pile but for a more beautiful look medium is best. A 5 inch wide piece should all you need cut at the fabric store, but make sure to measure the length of your shoe's front strap to be sure.

Materials needed: Faux fur, pattern, needles, thread (not pictured shoes and scissors)
I created a template with a paper towel to use as my pattern. You will need the exact length of your sandal by the width doubled with about 1/4 inch added seam allowance. I just wrapped the paper towel around the strap and marked where it should be cut.

Next I laid the pattern on the back of the fur fabric, make sure the pile of the fur is pointing towards the bottom of your pattern. You want the pile to lay horizontally. Then just cut the pattern out, keep your scissors close to the fabric base using small shallow cuts so you don't cut up the fur pile a lot.

Sewing the fabric seam together
Finally align your fabric around the sandal strap, stitch the two sides together with the wrong sides facing out. Sew the seam together facing you and when finished just rotate it to the underside of the strap and you are finished! Fur fabric doesn't fray so you don't need to worry about the raw edges. For tips about hand sewing check out this page.

Would you like to give the furry shoe trend a try? Doing it yourself will save you money and allow you to control the color and look. If you want get your hands on some fur pom pom earrings, they are hard to find in western stores, but easy to make!! Check out this Pom Pom Tutorial, then just add some earring hooks to make your own :)

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