September 11, 2014

Coordinate Post - Suited doll outfit and Yesstyle Dabuwawa review

Hi everyone! Yes, I have another review for you today, but this time it's a bit different because I am reviewing an article of clothing! So I thought, why not show this clothing off in a coordinate post while I review it. I'm also really happy with how the photos turned out, the backyard is more attractive back drop and my mom encouraged me to pose more actively (I'm quite awkward in front of a camera). So I'm really excited to show these pictures and talk to you about this lovely dress I received from Yesstyle.

I was approached by Yesstyle to review an item of my choosing from their Dabuwawa collection. Dabuwawa is a fashion brand from China, featuring elegant mote-kei type clothing for young women. The items may be seen on ladies and girls who wish to look sweet but ladylike at the same time, and some items could be easily used in work wear. Here is Dabuwawa's official description from Yesstyle:

"Established in Shanghai in 2007, Dabuwawa specializes in women's apparel that adheres to a classically feminine design. Dabuwawa primarily uses natural fabrics such as silk and cotton as well as Spandex and Lycra to create striking styles. YesStyle is an authorized retailer of Dabuwawa."

I saw many cute items in their current offerings, but the dress that I picked stuck out to me as it looked a bit like the cute uniform styled pieces that Swankiss often has in their collections. As well the beautiful light blue color will go well with the winter pastels trending this year. Unfortunately for me, due to stock levels I had to order a size "L" which is a bit larger than my measurements, but being an Asian Large it really is not that large on a women of my stature. And it appears that this item is sold out now, but rest assured Dabuwawa has so many other cute items!

When I opened the dress I was immediately happy with how it looked exactly as the stock photos, the color and materials were just as pictured. The material quality is also very nice, it is cotton, but as mentioned in the description it has some stretchyness to it so it lays very nicely on the body and is not prone to wrinkles. I always appreciate low maintenance clothing haha!

Although the dress is not lined, all the seams are finished very nicely, stitches are tight and all the buttons are attached securely. The netting on the skirt is very thick, so you can't see the underskirt through it, and the way it is sewing gives it a lot of volume. You can fluff up the skirt or smooth it down and it keeps the shape nicely. The belt is very long, much longer than needed but I just tucked it behind me haha.

Even though I ordered a size up (I would've ordered a Medium naturally, but I would fit a small, I always order up on Asian clothing when possible), I didn't find the large very "large" besides in the chest. In fact with a padded bra I feel comfortable in this size, so you may consider sizing up too. It's really nice Dabuwawa offers 3 sizes, many asian brands do not.

Sizing: ****
Quality: *****
Appearence: *****
Style: ****

If you enjoyed the look of this dress, make sure to check out their other beautiful pieces, here are a few of my favorites that could work well with several different styles!


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September 9, 2014

* Sponsor Review * Born Pretty Magic Shimmer eye shadow palette #2

Hi there, another review back to back! I hope you don't mind I am doing more reviews lately, I am always googling reviews before I purchase something so hopefully what I am writing will be of use to others! Recently I had the opportunity to review a couple of products from Born Pretty Store. I have heard of them before and was always impressed by the low prices, but also being the cynic I am I was wondering if items so low priced can be good value as well. So I'm really glad I am able to try them out for myself and report back to you!

One of the items I picked was this 6 metallic shades eyeshadow palette. Born Pretty has many different eyeshadow palettes to choose from so it's hard to pick unless you have something specific in mind beforehand haha! I decided on this particular palette due to the amount of shadows, the packaging and lovely neutral colors. The colorway I wanted originally was sold out so these colors were my second choice. This palette consists of brown tones with 2 nice highlight colors so you can create natural and sweet looks with it.

Sorry about the goose bumps, I'm always cold haha (Shades in the same order as in the palette)
As you can see in the swatch there is a good variety of light and dark colors, very versatile for combining and blending. Sorry that my arm is extremely white so the high-light colors don't appear well in the photo, but below you can see they do show up clearly when applied to your eye. I found it a bit difficult to build the colors up enough to for the swatches, but they are very easy to work with and apply very nicely. Not chalky or gritty at all.

When applying to my eye I also felt a lot of ease using these eye shadows, all the shades went on smoothly. There wasn't any fall out when I applied, and really only a spot or two as the day wore on so I was very satisfied with the application. And the payout was much better than I expected as well! For this price, typical drugstore palettes I've used have been dry with very little color payout, but I didn't have to build these up very much to have rich shades. In fact I was really surprised how much color I got, I didn't even need to use the black shade!

natural light
I was also worried that this palette may irritate my eye as it has mineral pieces to create the shiney luster/metallic color and is low cost. But I wore this eyeshadow all day and felt no itchiness or irritation. It was very easy and comfortable!

Overall this eye shadow is very good quality, especially when you consider the price point. I have a Lorac Palette I use normally with similar shades but this palette had more payout for 1/3 the price! My only negative point was the case was dirty - some smudges from loose eye shadow on it. And it's very difficult to open the case as well. But, I would recommend this palette for sure, it's a much better use of your money than a drug store eyeshadow.

Make sure to use my coupon code: CZH10 
to received an additional 10% off of Born Pretty's 
already amazing prices!

September 7, 2014

* Sponsor Review * Geo Xtra Lace W4U-242 in Blue circle lens

Hi everyone! Back to our regularly scheduled posting (not that it's all that regular haha) today with a new lens review! It's been awhile since I last reviewed a circle lens, tho I wear them all the time I'm tending to stick to the same ones, so I'm really happy to show you a new lens that looks beautiful on lighter eyes like mine. I received these lenses complimentary from, the same place I got my Koji Lash Concierge eyelashes and DollyWink eyeliner! As you can tell they have a big selection of Asian beauty items :)

I had no trouble navigating through their stock of lenses, I personally like to shop by color (though maybe I should look by diameter since I really only want 15mm haha). I could very easily find lenses I liked, and ultimately picked the Geo Xtra Lace in blue. When you are looking through the lenses make sure to click the "Product Info" text to see all the specs of the lens, it's not listed right at the top of the lens page.

natural light

I have used Geo Lenses plenty of times in the past so I know they are a respected brand, and the quality is there. offers authentic Geo lenses so you can feel safe putting these lenses on your eye. I noticed the water content is about average, a bit lower then some lenses I used but the overall comfort level is quite good. I didn't have any irritation problems, even when I wore the lenses in an animal shelter haha. I did notice a slight misprinting on the inside of the lens, under the black outer ring there was some blue smudged. I was surprised as I've never seen this before but it did not effect the look of the lens at all.

The design is very lovely because the blue of the iris is very light and not a strong pattern so it blends very nicely with your own eye color. There are some points of black in the iris to break it up but nothing strong or unnatural. There is a very thick outer ring though, its very bold. It creates a very nice enlargement but on lighter eyes you may find the outer ring too unnatural if you want a more sweet look.

Speaking on enlargement, these lenses give the perfect dolly eye with their 15mm diameter. I was very happy with how these made my eyes appear and they are so comfy to wear. These lenses fall somewhere in the middle on natural-unnatural look so this may be the perfect balance for someone who wants big obvious doll eyes but not a strong pattern/color. Overall I'm really happy, though I'm tending towards more natural lenses now, if the outer ring was a dark blue or a little thinner these would be perfect to me.

Also I'm very happy with HanaVillage's selection of items, they have tons of eyelashes, cosmetics and circle lenses - everything you need to create a very dolly look. Besides beauty products they have the super popular Instax cameras and film. HanaVillage has great customer service, they reply super quick to inquires and they have Free Shipping, which I know is really a big selling point for a lot of people. They also have a great return policy if the item you order doesn't work out. For me personally that is an important feature.

September 4, 2014

Balcony fireworks and girls' day out in Shibuya

Hello again everyone, I took quite a break there but luckily this time I have a reason besides laziness haha. Over the long holiday weekend (It was Labor Day here in the US) I spent time shopping and going out as usual, but I also got my first apartment. It’s quite exciting, to live away from home fulltime and create my own space. I have lived away from home while traveling to Japan on my school breaks, but this will be the first time I am living on my own. I got a 2 bedroom apartment so in the second room I will be making a space just for my cute stuff and taking photos, I will show it once it’s all together!
But until that time, I’ll show a bit about when I spent time in Japan and someone else’s apartment haha. It was summer time during my Japan Trip 8 and summer is the proper time for fireworks – there are some very large and amazing firework displays in Japan, but it’s usually tiring going to them since the crowds are huge. So me and my friend decided to enjoy fireworks at home by picking up some small sparklers and lighting them off on the balcony.
The big pack of sparklers we picked up!
Some of them had super cute patterns printed on!

It’s fun for me to look at the pictures now, I remember the day quite well, and as I did not get to light off any fireworks at home this year this is my way of enjoying them haha. The nice thing about doing fireworks here in MN is all the fountains and rockets I can light. Well rockets are illegal but everyone does them anyhow since you can pick them up next door in Wisconsin. I guess firework season is really done now, it’s time to start enjoying fall activities! I personally prefer autumn so so much more than summer, how about you? Fireworks or a hayride?
The next day after my fireworks show, I spent some time meeting up with one of my old girl friends whom I got to know through blogging. It was really nice that my blog was able to connect me to many wonderful people, and I was able to have friends to hang out with even when I was so far away from home. It’s interesting that I was able to meet many people and friends in Tokyo, but I don’t have any friends here in Minnesota. I know there’s plenty of girls here with the same interests but I’m not sure how to go about setting up meet ups haha!
Saw this bike in the neighborhood on my walk to the station!
Inside EggNam purikura arcade

Anyhow, like any proper girls meeting we started in Shibuya for some purikura! It’s such a un activity, taking photos together in the booths and decorating them cutely. The machines are so high tech now, giving you huge eyes, blurred out skin and stilts for legs haha. Purikura is requisite in this situation, and we decided to use the Egg arcade, which had lots of up to date machines with a cute and open interior. I always liked to do purikura there when in Shibuya. To those in Tokyo – is EggNam still open??

The facade of Forever21 in Shibuya
This barista posed for my pic I guess haha
After that we had some tea in a café for a bit of a chat, I don’t find cafes very restful in Japan as they are always crowded! No one really hangs out at home in Japan, so cafes are a popular hang out spot. Then we headed to her home town and had dinner in a ubiquitous family restaurant. The great thing about family restaurants in Japan is the low price but varied menu so there’s something for everyone.
Well I wrote a bit more text than I expected haha, but I hope you enjoyed the photos! It was like a look into my past daily life and now with my new apartment I will begin a whole new type of daily life! I’ll be sure to post about my apartment ASAP, but my next post will be a new lens review!

Waiting for the train with my friend
I picked out this seafood salad at the family restaurant

August 27, 2014

* Sponsor Review * Koji Lash Concierge #08 Passion Cute false eyelashes

Good evening everyone! I've really been doing a lot of review lately huh? I hope you find them useful, sometimes I'm worried that writing up reviews gets lost in the sea of blog posts since so many people get asked to write reviews by companies now a days. I hope my opinions and point of view can be of interest as well. But I do always try to only review items I actually have knowledge about so I can give opinions based on experience :D

Today I am reviewing some eyelashes, it's been some time since I was able to review a new eyelash (since I haven't been back to Japan, I've just been using up my old stash) Recently contacted me about reviewing some of their items, they gave me a 30$ voucher to purchase any items of my choosing. For my first review item I picked the DollyWink liquid eyeliner in deep black, check the review here, has a great selection of DollyWink items. For the second item I picked Koji's Concierge false eyelashes in #08 Passion Cute!

But these lashes are super cute, I was very initially drawn to them because the design is very well done. They look long and volumious while still not being too unnatural or heavy. In the past I have not generally picked eyelashes that could ever be called "natural", but with my style change and the general trend towards more soft makeup in Japan, I find myself looking for more subtle eyelashes. If you check current magazines many models still use false eyelashes, but they are natural, smaller and some are brown colored. offers all sorts of eyelashes that can be used in today's style of makeup.

From the product description - "Naturally dark eyes with Lash Concierge False Eyelashes! Easy application and volumized and extended lashes in a flash. This lash is full, fluffy and gorgeous suitable for daily natural makeup or a night out. Every package comes with a pair of eye lashes and a glue."

no flash
I was happy with these lashes immediately! They are so soft and the band is very flexible but strong. You can feel and see the quality of these lashes as soon as you open them, they are not pointy or plasticy at all.
They are extremely easy to work with, like I said before they have a flexible band that makes it a breeze to fit your eyelid. I just trimmed a bit off from the inner corner and applied them with a good look the first go. The fibers themselves are soft and only shiny under very direct flash, so they don't look like "Hey, I'm wearing false eyelashes!!". In fact they look like your own eyelashes but are voluminous enough to create a big, dolly eye.

These lashes are not cheap - 16.90 for 2 pairs, but I can really see the quality in these eyelashes, and would certainly repurchase them in the future. The look I achieved with them was just what I was hoping for and they were so easy to use. I give them five stars in all categories!

Also I'm very happy with HanaVillage's selection of items, they have tons of eyelashes, cosmetics and circle lenses - everything you need to create a very dolly look. And they also carry my favorite skincare brand - HadoLabo! I can purchase some of HadoLabo's items in the US but HanaVillage has the full line, I highly recommend the HadoLabo Hyaluronic Gel Cream. Besides beauty products they have the super popular Instax cameras and film.

HanaVillage has great customer service, they reply super quick to inquires and they have Free Shipping, which I know is really a big selling point for a lot of people. They also have a great return policy if the item you order doesn't work out. For me personally that is an important feature. I have a pair of circle lenses to review still that came from, so please look forward to my next review.
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