August 19, 2014

Arpakasso haul and Tokyo Otaku Mode review

Good evening! Wow, I really just can't keep up with blogging on my schedule, it makes me so sad! I'm really hoping I'll get a week break here soon and I can catch up on a lot of things that have fallen by the way side - particularly my Lovely Healthy videos and setting up an online shop. But until then I'll keep plugging away at my regular blog entries as best as I can, luckily I know what I want to write in advance so I don't have to worry about that :D

As you may know I love cute things, all sorts of cute things and I horde them up whenever I get hooked on a new cute item. One of my favorite kawaii characters is Alpakasso (Arpakasso) Alpaca, these have been quite popular for a few years now and began as a UFO catcher prize. They have gained popularity and you can buy them in some regular shops now if your catching skills don't pay out haha, or online like I have recently!

Most of the Alpaca I currently have (maybe it's not true now that I've been on a shopping spree...) are ones that I caught during my various stays in Tokyo. Sadly I left my jumbos and half my smaller ones in Tokyo and they are long gone. So  I have bought a few online to sure up my collection haha. I picked out 3 large alpaca and 1 jumbo, I picked out my favorite colors: pink, white and lavendar. Anyhow, these ones are official, which is something you have to be careful of as most if not all alpaca sold at conventions are bootlegs.

These were purchased from Tokyo Otaku Mode and I had such a great buying experience with them I wanted to write up a little review and let you know more about them!

Tokyo Otaku Mode homepage

Tokyo Otaku Mode, as you may gather from the name is a webshop for "otaku" items so mostly anime themed items like figures, cosplay pieces, posters etc. They also carry a small selection of character good including Authentic Alpakasso. I heard of Tokyo Otaku Mode initally on Tumblr when they were running a sale a couple weeks ago. They were offering 5$ off any alpaca purchase and free shipping. They do offer free shipping from time to time so keep your eyes peeled.

With the coupons (and making my friend buy one for me haha) I was able to get all 4 Alpaca for just 35$! That's super reasonable, and just as I would buy if I bought them in a shop in Japan! Besides having very good prices and specials, Tokyo Otaku Mode goes above and beyond in the customer service department as well. The items were shipped via EMS so they arrived very quickly. The packaging was excessive, the boxes were grossly oversized for what was inside, but they were packed very securely.

Close up of the pretty art on the file folder

What I loved especially were the freebies, I got a pin with each item and the invoice/flyers were inside of a plastic file folder. The file folder has a beautiful illustration on it so you can keep it, great for everyone going back to school soon :D These little touches really stood out to me, as I know this is at extra cost to them.

Overall I was super happy with Tokyo Otaku Mode, my items are authentic and well prices, packaged with awesome freebies and quick shipping. What more can you want! So I recommend them highly for cute items as well as anime items (Including your faves - SnK, Free!, Madoka, Kill la Kill, Sailor Moon etc). Please check them out, and if you use my referral URL you can get 5$ off your first purchase!

August 17, 2014

Tokyo National Museum in Ueno

Happy Sunday everyone! Let's enjoy our free time before the next work week begins, or if you are lucky enough to still be a student savor your summer vacation! Well I fell off the blog everyday band wagon really fast didn't I? Haha, but I should have known my schedule on Friday makes it impossible to blog, so I won't claim I can post anything on Fridays anymore :D However yesterday I was just being lazy, I just sat around watching Free! and Sailor Moon Crystal hehe. I kinda see Saturday as my recovery day from work, let go of mental stress and I end up not wanting to so anything. While I can't promise anything on Fridays I will try harder to be more productive Saturdays :)

Now that my Okinawa mini series is finished I thought it was the perfect time to go back and finished writing about my Japan Trip 8 travels! I'm really happy I still have many day's worth of posts from my 8th trip as I am nearly done with my Japan Trip 9 folder D: I'm still really hoping to get back to Japan later this year/early next year and I don't want to run out of Japan posts before I can go again!!

Today I want to introduce the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park. Ueno has become known for it's museums because you can find this one, the National Science Museum, the Museum of Western Art and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum all within the park! It's too much to cover all in one day (especially when you throw in the rest of the park and Zoo) but it gives you a lot to choose from and if you have visited many times like me there's still more to see! As a side note, I always think of Tokyo Babylon when it comes to Ueno park, even tho I never really read the manga.

Many people finding their barings on this map of Ueno Koen
The Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum is the oldest of all the museums in Ueno Park, and it is comprised of 5 buildings just by itself. Each building houses different collections so in that way they are like an entire museum in themselves. Suffice to say this is the largest collection of national treasures and culturally important artifacts in all of Japan. You are definitely going to see some very beautiful and special items when you make your trip to the Tokyo National Museum. Make sure to check out their website, it's all in English and very useful, with access information and descriptions of all the collections.

They house collections from all eras of Japanese history, as well as artifacts from other parts of Asia. The layouts are very well done and make it easy to take a calm stroll through the rooms. It's very austere as well, the atmoshpere felt a bit formal to me so I was self conscious of my rather rock/tough outfit that day haha. But luckily I could snap lots of interesting photos and that kept my mind off of my awkwardness. It's really nice I was able to photograph as well because I saw some very unique pieces.

I recommend this Museum for sure, to those just on their first visit to Japan and even those who have lived there for some time. There are so many beautiful artifacts, and many extend back to a very long time ago. I think it's a great chance to learn more about Japan and as well as just aesthetically pleasing. I hoped you enjoyed the pictures I got, I particularly liked the kimono and inlaid boxes.

August 14, 2014

Review * DollyWink liquid eyeliner deep black from HanaVillage

Hi everyone! I'm keeping it going, how surprised and happy I feel to be blogging more often hehe! I'm going to have to brainstorm some more ideas for posts coming up soon, and I'd like to write more informative things about Japanese fashion brands but that's going to take some harder work on my part so that will have to be a tentative thing. It would also be fun to restart One 7 Ways and maybe Fashion Hime Friday, I miss those for sure and it was fun being more interactive with you guys!

Anyhow, it's been awhile since my last review so I'm excited to bring you a new one today. Recently contacted me about reviewing some of their items, they gave me a 30$ voucher to purchase any items of my choosing. That was hard for me because I am a true libra and I am super indecisive, haha! I was thinking of getting the Dollywink eyelashes #16 as the design is super cute and you know Dollywink eyelashes are top quality, but I thought I should try something entirely new (as I've tried other types of their eyelashes previously). has a great selection of DollyWink items.

I've used liquid eyeliner in the past, but only with a wand not in this pencil form. Furthermore my current pencil eyeliner doesn't offer the darkness level I'd like to achieve. So I thought this is a great chance to upgrade my eyeliner while trying a whole new format. I think the liquid being inside of a pencil makes it quite easier to handle than a wand, especially for those who are not as used to putting on eyeliner. Liquid tends to have a more messy application so having a pencil to hold with a nice sharp brush tip makes DollyWink an easy to use eyeliner.

DollyWink Deep Black liquid eyeliner swatch
I found this eyeliner to be even easier to handle than I expected, I was somewhat worried the liquid would get everywhere, but it was very easy to direct and apply it. It went on super smoothly! And the brush tip makes a super precise and fine line, so this is the perfect liner for making wings.

The color is very pure black, but it's not super opaque so to get the level of opacity that I like it took several layers to build up. This eyeliner is not water proof, it stays well but it can get worn away when in contact with tears or if you rub it a lot. I found it didn't stay well around the inner corner of my eye lid. But the overall appearance is elegant and sharp! I plan to use this in conjunction with my regular pencil liner.

- Easy to apply
- Nice product design
- Smooth
- Great for precise lines

- Not very opaque
- Difficult to make thick lines
- Not long lasting

Also I'm very happy with HanaVillage's selection of items, besides having all the DollyWink items we love, they offer lots of other products from the brand Koji (which produces DollyWink). Koji has a nice eyelash glue called Eyelash Fix that I am looking at getting when I run out of my current glue. And they also carry my favorite skincare brand - HadoLabo! I can purchase some of HadoLabo's items in the US but HanaVillage has the full line, I highly recommend the HadoLabo Hyaluronic Gel Cream

HanaVillage has great customer service, they reply super quick to inquires and they have Free Shipping, which I know is really a big selling point for a lot of people. They also have a great return policy if the item you order doesn't work out. For me personally that is an important feature. I have a couple more reviews for HanaVillage (Lashes and Lenses) coming up that I can't wait to show!

August 13, 2014

My current Larme-kei jewelry collection

Good evening everyone! I'm really trying to keep my word about getting back into blogging everyday so here I am again with a new post. I'm curious to see if I can keep this going even with this current schedule, but it's just a matter of never resting for too long so I can get a lot done I guess haha. I've gotten a few specific post requests lately over on my Tumblr so I'm going to get those completed as best as I can, so today's post is one of those requests!

I was asked to introduce my Larme-kei style jewelry, especially now that my style has gone from rock gyaru to Larme-kei (with some gyaru makeup thrown in). Certainly my taste in jewelry has also changed with my wardrobe, and as always whenever changing over your style (which I never seem to stop doing...) there's a time period when you don't have so many items. I feel like my jewelry is in that phase right now, but I try to hand make more items whenever I get the chance.
Anyhow! Onto the jewelry, first up is:

These are all hand made by me, you see a lot of chokers in Japanese fashion now from leather ones, tattoo, ribbons etc. They are also popular in blogger fashion, and you may see them coming into western stores lately. I want to make some more, for myself and to sell, but I keep forgetting to buy more findings haha!

"Dolly" Necklaces
These are about half hand made and half store bought. I bought the Rose and Pearl necklace from Target, the gold heart from F21, the cherry necklace from ebay, the purple seashell from CuteCanKill, the large roses necklace from Charming Charlies, and the gold seashell was made by me.

"Geeky"  Necklaces
I found Larme refers to more pop/street looks as "geeky" so I'll go with that haha! These necklaces are basically all from independent crafters and I am so happy about that! If you can make your living not working in a corporation please please do so - it's really awful working in an office haha. Sailor Moon compact necklace by KumaCrafts, Purple heart necklace by CuteCanKill, Sara Mari and Maho Shojo necklaces custom ordered from De DiPux, Mermaid necklace by I'myourpresant and clear chain from F21,

Again here is a mix of items, the puff earrings are handmade by me I also have them in hot pink and red (I'd like to sell these too if I can make time to craft more). The plastic heart earrings come from I'myourpresant, the gold hearts are from F21 and the silver wings are from Target a long time ago. I really like statement earrings so I hope I can get some more cute ones soon!

Rings, Bracelets
These I am more likely to pick up in the store than buy online, I guess because I don't really know what type I want until I see them. The large clear cuff in the back is from H&M, large pearl, clear bead bracelets and pearl rings made by me, Wing rings by CuteCanKill, green heart ring from Nile Perch, gold rings mainly from F21, silver crown ring and "Love" pearl bracelet from Kohl's

Now just for fun I thought I'd show what I still have left from my gothic and rock jewelry collection, I kept a lot of it actually I only really sold the Japanese brand items. So I still have a lot, tho I never use it. I don't want to toss it, maybe I can give some away someday.

August 12, 2014

Okinawa part 5 - Mihama American Village

Hi everyone, I think I am fully recovered from being sick or atleast I hope so! I slept so much Saturday night, unil 9:15am which is totally abnormal for me. Who knows how long I would've slept if my phone messages had woken me up haha. So now that I've had an absence and some time "off" my new goal heading into this week is to blog everyday like I used to during the earlier years of MLD. This is going to be a challenge for me for sure as back then I was still in school and had plenty of free time, now that I'm working... I'm either busy or tired haha, but I'll do my best :)

Today I'm going to finish my Okinawa mini-series! I'm a bit sad to see it end, after all this time I had wanted to write about it and here we are at the ending already haha! I will probably never see Okinawa again so these picture and memories are very special, I really hoped you enjoyed it as much as me.

The last post about Okinawa is about the Mihama American Village on the main island of Okinawa. It's a big tourist spot, but it is meant to serve the local population especially the American soldiers stationed in the many nearby bases. The American Village features a large outdoor shopping complex, restaraunts, movie theater and beach. It's all styled to feel like its from the USA, with products and foods that would appeal to Americans.

Getting there was rather tiring, it was a drive (and if you are from around my neck of the woods you know what "a drive" means) from our hotel. Bad traffic, stop lights, I drive in traffic everyday to work so I want to avoid it on vacation haha! But you can spend half a day there so it's not so bad overall.

The shopping complex to me had a strange look, very unique like mixing up southern California, Tuscan and fantasy. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it certainly didn't make me feel I was back in the Midwest haha. There's plenty of gift shops and boutiques to browse, there are also some shops selling vintage items from the USA like home decor items, knick knacks and toys. Of course I enjoyed looking at the vintage toys. It's funny to see the prices on items I normally find in the thrift shop :D

There are also many cafes and restaurants that serve American treats like hot dogs and hambugers. Me and my friend stopped into the Blue Ribbon ice cream shop and ordered some sweets with traditional Okinawan flavors. We also stopped at the Department store nearby to pick up groceries for the drive back to the hotel that would certainly be as long and trafficky haha!

There is also a large ferris wheel there which I'm sure offers some very lovely views of Okinawa and the ocean, but I didn't ride on it personally. Rather we spent a good chunk of time at Sunset Beach. It's a very nicely maintained beach that you can swim at, or enjoy from the terrace at the pub situated right on it. The beach in named for the lovely views as the sun goes down, I was there at sunset so I recommend being there at that time!

Well there's the end of my Okinawa trip, I did see some other things that I haven't mentioned, and overall I really recommend you take a side trip to Okinawa if you are seeing Japan it's well worth it. Coming up next I'm going to post about my current jewelry collection (as I got a request for it!) some reviews, and back to Tokyo with my Japan related posts :)

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