November 24, 2014

* Sponsor Review * Born Pretty handmade false eyelashes #L-9

Hello there everyone! I'm not posting very regularly, but I am glad to at least be blogging every week. I'm still not comfortable with living in my apartment, nothing is really how I would like it and it leaves me feeling like doing nothing. I'm going to have to be a lot more motivated to get up and do stuff even though it's really difficult! Well today I am finally getting around to a review I had been needing to write for a long time, so I am pretty proud I finally got around to it. My makeup style is getting a bit more soft, so I wanted to try new eyelashes that would go with a "natural" soft girly style. When BornPretty approached me to write some reviews for their products, I decided to review these eyelashes!

I was initially attracted to these lashes because of their design, they have nice natural looking fibers - no points or clumps, just a fan shape of regular sized fibers. As well there are thicker/longer fibers at the outer corner which is complementary to many eye shapes, including my own. The design of these lashes lends itself well to a variety of looks, it will go well with a natural look, a cat eye, tear bags etc. I would certainly recommend this type of design for people starting out with false eyelashes as they'll be easy to incorporate into your makeup routine.

The lashes themselves are very flexible and pliable, this makes it a lot easier to apply and wear. They are not the most flexible lashes I've used, so you'll want to gently bend them a bit to soften up, but they will shape to your eyelid easily and not poke you. The fibers are thick and soft to the touch, however they are longer than I imagined from the stock photos. They are described as "long" on Born Pretty's website and I would take that description to heart. The #L-9 are some of the longest eyelashes I've used, but with the natural design of them, I don't feel like they are too over the top.

no flash
with flash

One thing I did notice was these lashes are a bit shiny. In real life it's only a slight shine, and it's not noticeable in photos, however when using flash you can see a obvious shine. These would not be good lashes to use during a photo shoot, or video recording under flash/heavy lighting. Otherwise for a normal day to day wear these are very wearable. And for the price you certainly can't beat the quality. You receive 5 pairs of eyelashes for 5.99. You will find them to be a bit lower quality than say Diamond Lash, but they are certainly great quality for the price.

Born Pretty has a ton of eyelashes to choose from, full band, half band, upper, lower, party styles etc, as well as all the tools you'll need to apply them. Born Pretty is a huge emporium of cosmetics and certainly have whatever you're looking for. The quality is about/above drug store quality while being lower cost. I have enjoyed prompt costumer service and decent shipping times with Born Pretty.

November 17, 2014

The faux fur trend and furry shoes DIY

Hello everyone! How is your autumn going, mine's totally finished here in Minnesota haha. Since it snowed a week ago (and is too cold for the snow to melt) I have already began to feel in the winter spirit. Suddenly the christmas decorations out in every store don't bother me as much, and I'm looking at getting a new christmas tree haha. I feel kinda bad that Thanksgiving gets no attention anymore besides being a big glorified day for  retail corporations to shore up their massive proftis/pad their shareholders' wallets, but it wasn't that great of a holiday anyhow. However, since winter is in full swing now, that means warm clothes to keep you safe from the chilly winds!

One of the obvious trends of this winter season is the fluffy furry trend. It manifests in many ways, but most obviously is in furry accessories. You will be hard pressed to find a brand that hasn't released some fur covered item recently. You can find fluffy material sweaters, skirts, socks and berets, and fur covered shoes, earrings, bags, coats and as trim on all types of clothing. I'm generally speaking about Japanese brands here, but you can see it creeping up a bit in western brands as well!

 lilLilly // Merry Jenny // Bubbles // Bubbles // Swankiss // Top Shop // Candy Stripper // Missguided

The must have item though is Bubbles Tokyo's pom pom earrings, maybe out of low pile fur fabric in a multitude of colors. You can see girls sporting them in just about every other street snap out there, Bubbles as been a leader in trend items lately and their pom pom earring certainly took off. You can find pom pom earrings in a huge variety in Japanese stores now, so there's no end to your options. It's an affordable and eye catching way to stay on trend.

Another item I'm catching more and more glimpses of are furry shoes! From loafers with pom poms by g.v.g.v. to furry sandals by Lillilly to completely fur covered like Swankiss's platform shoes - you'll find a style to fit your taste. Personally I took a liking to Lillilly's take on the fur shoe trend, especially when Risa Nakamura sported a pair on TV. Western brands like Top Shop and Missguided are offering similar looking items (The ones at Top Shop always sell out quick!), but I was looking for a specific shape and color. As I can't fit Japanese shoes, I decided to make my own!

DIY Furry Sandals

Firstly I knew I wanted pink shoes, it's my favorite color and the Lillilly pink colorway ones looked so good on Risa haha. It is rather hard to find cute pink shoes in the west, but luckily I found some Satin sandals on Missguided. These type of barely there strappy sandals are a trend in the west so you'll have lots to choose from when making your furry shoes.

I already had pink fake fur on hand, but you'll likely need to go and purchase some. I recommend a medium pile fur, I used long pile but for a more beautiful look medium is best. A 5 inch wide piece should all you need cut at the fabric store, but make sure to measure the length of your shoe's front strap to be sure.

Materials needed: Faux fur, pattern, needles, thread (not pictured shoes and scissors)
I created a template with a paper towel to use as my pattern. You will need the exact length of your sandal by the width doubled with about 1/4 inch added seam allowance. I just wrapped the paper towel around the strap and marked where it should be cut.

Next I laid the pattern on the back of the fur fabric, make sure the pile of the fur is pointing towards the bottom of your pattern. You want the pile to lay horizontally. Then just cut the pattern out, keep your scissors close to the fabric base using small shallow cuts so you don't cut up the fur pile a lot.

Sewing the fabric seam together
Finally align your fabric around the sandal strap, stitch the two sides together with the wrong sides facing out. Sew the seam together facing you and when finished just rotate it to the underside of the strap and you are finished! Fur fabric doesn't fray so you don't need to worry about the raw edges. For tips about hand sewing check out this page.

Would you like to give the furry shoe trend a try? Doing it yourself will save you money and allow you to control the color and look. If you want get your hands on some fur pom pom earrings, they are hard to find in western stores, but easy to make!! Check out this Pom Pom Tutorial, then just add some earring hooks to make your own :)

November 11, 2014

Coordinate Post! October outfits compilation

Hi everyone! It's already a ways into November now, but for me it feels totally like December because we have had out first snow here and it's sticking around. I was not ready at all to deal with snow, and clothing wise I'm so limited now! It makes me wish I had felt better and done more outfits during the perfect season, Autumn. The decent weather is so fleeting here, how do I forget that every year? Haha, anyhow, at least I have a few autumn looks I'm happy with to share with you. In regards to my taste and styling I am paying a lot of attention to Larme magazine (so glad the next one will be out soon!) and Risa Nakamura's personal outfits. She has fab taste!

top: Lillilly
bustier: Elvris
skirt: Target
shoes: Mojo Moxy

top: Swankiss
skirt: Swankiss
earrings: Handmade
shoes: Steve Madden

onepiece: Risa Nakamura x Swankiss
shoes: Mojo Moxy
I'm really quite pleased with how all of these turned out, and also that the dress in the last outfit fits me haha! I'm always worried about Japanese clothes that are fitted, but it is interesting to note that it was made to be below knee and it doesn't quite reach that on me haha! I guess even though it's so frigid outside, I'll make outfits however I please. I mean because realistically here, if I go outside I have to put on a insulated coat, knitted hat, thermo gloves and sometimes snow boots so any outfit would be totally covered up anyhow haha. How's the weather going in your town?

Also, these are the first photos I've taken in my new apartment in my "photo taking corner", I really like the party curtains as a backdrop but I still need a nice rug as the carpeting shows up this dirty tan/brown color. I'm going to make another area for photos with changable fabric backdrops so that will be lots of fun for picture taking.

November 5, 2014

* Sponsor Review * Vassen Jewel circle lens in Grey

Hello everyone, it became November so quickly! Now we are in full christmas swing already in America, companies want to get to make those profits so we are all inundated with holiday ads, decorations and food since (well technically before) Halloween. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I think corporations making it last two months really takes some of the magic and speciality out of it. But today's post we'll go a little back in time to my second favorite holiday, Halloween, to show you my costume for the day and review the lenses I wore to complete the transformation.

I received an offer from to review a pair of lenses with a Halloween theme, meaning to match your lenses with a costume. I knew I was going to be Sleeping Beauty again this year, since my mom upgraded my costume a lot, and for Sleeping Beauty subtle but very big and sweet lenses were required. Disney's Sleeping Beauty has dark purple eyes, however I decided to pick lenses that would blend with my natural eye color best to achieve the most natural look possible. After much looking around I picked the Vassen Jewel lens in Grey.

Without Flash
With Flash

Initially I was very drawn to this lens by it's design, the outer ring has a kinda "fuzzy" pattern, with breakups to make it appear softer and natural. I hadn't seen a lens quite like that before, it was nice to have a defined outer ring to create the look of enlargement but not one that is thick or very opaque. As well in the design the pattern and color looked like it would as good on my light eyes as the model's dark eyes. And they certainly lived up to my expectations when worn, they look very natural. There's no obvious transition from the lens to my own eye.

This lens is available in two diameters, another unique thing I hadn't come across before. Make sure to specific the diameter you want when checking out! I picked 15mm apposed to 14,5mm because I have naturally "wide eyes" I mean I often look shocked in photos cause there's a lot of white showing, so I prefer 15mm to fill that up. But it's nice to have both diameters in such a beautiful lens. 14.5mm is a less dolly eye size, and some people feel more comfortable with it (vice versa). I found the 15mm for me to be perfect, I got a very large sweet look which is perfect for Sleeping Beauty's youth and beauty.

The comfort level was ok in my opinion, the water content of the lenses is pretty good and Vassen is a good brand I've had many positive experiences with in the past. I didn't have any major irritations or discomfort with the lenses, but I was pretty aware of them all day. I felt like I needed to apply eye drops fairly often. Overall I was able to wear the lenses for 6 hours before I wanted to take them off, perfect amount of time for a party or outing with friends.

I was very happy with these lenses, it was worthwhile to look at so many lenses before choosing these. Many times when I get lenses I think "Oh these are nice, they'll be fun to wear until another pair comes" but rarely do I think about repurchasing a lens after expiration. However with the Vassen Jewel lenses, I do believe I will continue to purchase and wear them as staples. They achieve the kind of look I'm going for with my eye makeup, and I know they would suit many eye colors so I'd certainly recommend them.

Pinky Paradise is a very well known lens and cosmetic dealer, so you can be sure you are getting authentic and quality products. They often have deals or little discounts so keep your eyes open. My lenses took some time to arrive, but my friends report much faster shipping time haha. Make sure to check them out!

October 28, 2014

Autumnal Bliss

Hello everyone, no I didn't stop blogging again! I'm just going through a down patch in my life, nothing in particular is going badly, but I have to purpose in life so it leads to a bit of ennui. I don't know what to do or say and that goes for writing on the old blog as well. I would like to change as much about myself as possible but I'm not sure what I want to change into. I want to find something that makes me outstanding, shining. We all have something shining within us, some know intrinsically how to let it out, other's like me need to find the way!

So as I try to find a new way in life, I'll stop being so quiet here. Like I said I don't have much of a voice at the moment, but I'm still going out a bit and enjoying things around my town. Luckily my photos can speak for me instead. Autumn is so many peoples favorite season, how everything seems so vivid and focused, very distant and encompassing, just before it fades away into the somber lulls of winter. I love all seasons (only the early part of winter) and Autumn is my favorite as well, the world seems so easy to grasp. You can't catch the atmosphere of autumn with a camera, but everything becomes a lovely subject none the less. Hopefully you have experienced a lot of autumnal bliss yourself already, if not here is my piece.

It's quite a bit of photos, I want to make my posts a bit more geared towards my photos and a little less writing. I always have plenty of pictures to choose from when posting about Japan, but when it comes to my daily live and fashion it's really lacking. I'm not sure how moving towards a more image heavy look will be received, but I feel it's the right direction to go. The last photo here btw is taken out my apartment window, it's just one of the many spectacular sunset photos I have captured here.
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