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Good day friends, am I still continuing to blog? I am, and it is shocking! Haha, but I was feeling rather down about things today so I thought the best way to handle it was to do something productive. In this case, a write up about one of my favorite things I did in Tokyo 1.5 weeks ago! I know I haven't blogged much about my 2015 trip and nothing about my trip this March, but for me it's easy to do this writeup since it's still fresh :D

I came across this exhibition/pop-up shop via several instragram accounts I follow, and of course namely by Rio Ninomiya's account. She is a stylist in Japan, and an all around cute girly girl. Her taste in girl style and culture is perfect so when I saw she was holding a pop-up shop concurrently with the launch of her new zine I put it on my To-Do list immediately.

The marketing image, showing dates, location and featured brands
Furthermore, many of my utmost favorite brands would be on display. The pop-up shop, taking place in the Isetan Girl section of Isetan in Shinjuku, would carry selected items from the zine and hand picked by Rio herself. It's a Larme girl's dream shop suffice to say.

That day I was lucky enough to meetup with Noora again, and we went together! This was a dream for me, not only was able to hang out with a friend from half way across the world, but we could visit a limited time event that appealed to our tastes. We also did a twin outfit with our matching Katie babaydoll and tees so we got a lot of compliments :)

I'm sure you can tell by now I thought everything was to die for, the pop-up shop was not only a shop but it had a ton of displays and fixtures so it had the feeling of a cute room. They kindly allowed us to take photos, and it was hard to decide which little details to capture. There was a vintage phone, fans, a wall collage, books, ribbons, everything you need for a proper girly lifestyle.

mannequin wearing the limited edition Verybrain gown
The mannequins also were styled lovingly, with bright looks. I personally would not wear the outfits displayed, since I have a specific color palette and style, but these were very inspiring and displayed unique ways to combine items.

There were a few items that were limited to this exhibition, including a gown by Verybrain and the Gold Collection by Memnon. The Verybrain gown was so cute but I wasn't convinced by the half sleeves and price tag, but I knew I needed a gold Memnon item. I picked the seashell purse/pouch since I already have the tablet case and a lip pouch.

Noora, me and Rio Ninomiya (my hair was not having it that day!)
Since Noora and I visited on opening day we were also able to meet Rio herself, and take a photo together! The lighting was absolutely harsh and ugly but I think the photo turned out well considering :D I also saw several other girls whom I follow on IG but I was too shy to talk. Later on Mirai Saito and Ayumi, the owner of Rose Marie Seoir, showed up.

I hope you had fun seeing the pictures, a glimpse into just one of the many wonderful limited time events and exhibitions that happen in Japan!
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