Barbie Doll circle lenses in grey Review

Good afternoon everyone! I just couldn't keep my promise of blogging regularly though I had plans and ideas for it, my laziness won out again. I basically have like 5 hours of free time per day but I apparently I just want to veg out during those. I'll try to blog about some interesting things, but seeing as the blogging world is pretty much drying up, outside a few niche topics, I probably won't come on here much.

But I do have a sponsor review to share with you! Through out all my style changes, gyaru, creepy cute, aomoji-kei and now Larme, one thing that has been consistent is my love and use of circle lenses! I think for any style you are trying to create striking or sweet look, circle lenses are must.

Today I am reviewing the Barbie Doll lenses, which were sponsored to me by I have worked with them several times in the past and they are always prompt and courteous - I have been pleased by their customer service and I'm sure you will too.

These lenses are listed at 14.5 mm and I have to say I think they might actually by 15.5 mm because they are the largest lenses I have ever worn! I noticed their large diameter immediately when emptying them from their storage bottles. Despite the large size, I had no troubles applying them to my eyes.

Natural lighting
With flash

They certainly so enlarge! Please note the one lens in and one lens out photo, you can see just how dramatic of an increase they can do for you. If you are looking very dolly lenses, these are just the ticket! Any time you need very large eyes, I think you'd do no better than these. I have a lot of white to my eyes, and found most of it was filled when wearing the Barbie Doll lenses.

Design wise, they are more bold. There are strong contrasts between the 3 colors I can spot on the lens: black, grey and blue. The black is strong and veins through the other colors creating a nice natural break out, but as you can see these are not soft natural lenses.

I was able to wear these lenses about 6 hours, which I think is a good amount and you should really wear circle lenses long than that. I had a bit of sting putting them in, which often happens to me, so remember to gentle rub your eyes after applying the lenses and use eye drops. I could feel these lenses a bit more than usual, not to say they were uncomfortable, I was just aware that they were on my eyes the whole time (perhaps due to the size).

So if you are looking to truly enlarge your eyes, achieve that living doll look, or have a cosplay I think you should certainly try out the Barbie Doll lenses. This grey color should work well on blue, grey and brown eyes. Lens Village will get the lenses to you quickly and safely, so check them out!
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