Baby Ponytail Mermaid's Castle jumperskirt

Hello there my friends, how are you now that it is officially autumn? The weather here has been very beautiful somedays, though I know in other parts of the US it's quite hot and humid. Well that is why I live in Minnesota haha! This is certainly the best time of year for fashion, so it seems like a perfect time to post a fashion review!

I was approached by Claudia of Baby Ponytail almost a year ago now honestly, about if I would like to collaborate and talk about one of her amazing Lolita pieces. I am obviously not a lolita, but I have followed the fashion as an observer since the mid 2000s and find it truly elegant. Claudia is hoping to show through our collaboration the ways Lolita fashion can be enjoyed and utilized by us in other Japanese fashions!

Firstly I want to say the Mermaid's Castle JSK is very very well made for the price point. It is not the most intricate or over the top design, but the construction is of quality. I have bought many Japanese dresses, gyaru, lolita, larme etc. And most were more expensive than this with many falling short of Baby Ponytail's feeling of quality.

The back is fully shirred and ties are attached with clear buttons

The fabric is substantial without being bulky or stiff, you can see the threading is voluminous while being soft. It was a good choice as it also shows off the printing of the graphic well. The lace is also quite nice, it's soft and not plastic like at all. I know the Lolita community is particular about lace, so your standards may be even higher than mine, but I would never count this as cheap. The ribbon could be less shiny but taking into consideration the price point I feel it's suitable.

Where this dress truly shines is the print of course! Mermaids! They are so trendy now, and have been for awhile, so you certainly will be charmed by the artwork. It's beautiful, and serene, the color palette is also expert as it will be easy to use in both cute and mature coordinates.

top: Ehyphen World Gallery Bonbon - necklace: Handmade - shoes: Fabulious

No here is how I decided to coordinate it myself, I'm using all items from my own closet which I would categorize as girly. I'm obviously not wearing a petticoat (it's at my mom's house) which I feel is fine as I'm not Lolita, but it would make the dress cuter with one. I chose a Size Medium since as I am between S and M on the measurement chart, but I'd personally go with an S as the medium is rather loose on me.

top, cardigan, hairbow: Katie - bag: Memnon - shoes: ASOS
I also made a cooler weather flatlay, it's perfect for early Autumn this time of the year, and shows how easy it is to coordinate this jumperskirt! Please check out Baby Ponytail, they have several other designs as well which are also lovely!
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