Day 5 pt. 2 Sneaky photos of 109 IMG HVY

Good god it's hooooot! So many people are passing out from heat stroke here, and I actually got sweaty walking today! I mean never sweat (thats why I get pillow feet), it has to be super hot for me to sweat. Anyway, I don't want to start every post talking about how hot it is haha! I meant to write this earlier, but I was trying to wait to cool down but I couldn't...TT

Last night I went to bed at 2 am and woke up at 5:30 am, why is that?? Some kind of jet lag? Anyway, my brain is a little fuzzy today for that reason so I apologize if this post seems a little off track ever. I'm finally going to finish my writeup about my meetup with Becci exactly one week ago. It's so sad, so much time gone already!

Deco items at Chiara

I left off with my snap with Morimayu, I bought the tutuHa onepiece (top actually I think) and we headed over to Chiara just to look at all the cute little girly things noone really needs. My mom saw the picture of the deco items in Chiara and she really liked the business card holders, so I got her one. Her workplace is extremely conservative (like rings are too fancy for them) so she'll probably not be able to use it there.

After that we just browsed around the shops that looked good as we passed by. I was trying to be more and more bold with the sneaky photos. Hiding around corners, waiting for staff to turn away. But it's all for your benefit!

Rebecca in Chiara

We made our way into Vanquish so Rebecca could show me a cute set that they were currently doing. It was a tutu skirt and over-size t-shirt for 5,775 yen. Hmm, when I type that it seems like alot but we decided to buy them! Yes, we got twin outfits! I hope I can show you those outfits soon!

Here, I'm just going to post a big block of photos so you can appreciate looking at them all at once rather than interrupting the flow with text every other picture. I also tried to grab snaps of fall items that were showing up already. But just looking at fur and knits right now makes me queasy! Seriously! haha XD

Autumn/winter hair retro knit and fuzzy hair accessories at LDS

A Liz Lisa Coordinate

Liz Lisa on summer sale

A coordinate featuring A/W touches of fur. On the hat and a fur bracelet

These coordinates are so elegant yet sexy

Tralala t-shirts, love that print so much, wish I could pull it off XD

Liz Lisa doll coordinates

Revive storefront

Deco bear straps at Ruby Rose! XD

The only other shop I had a "must buy something" mentality was W*C of course. So we stopped there as one of the last spots. I purchased only one t-shirt that was 50% off. But now I think I need to go back for the Mister Banana or tiger shirt to make a crop shirt of it.

We exited 109, and it had already become dark! haha! Rebecca's bf and friends met with us again and they were all getting hungry. I as the dieter making eating out difficult for everyone, so I suggested me and Becci just do some quick purikura and then I'd head out. You can see one of our puri on Becci's blog here!

W*C store front sale style!

And if you'd like some further reading material you can read the Gyaru Manifesto meme filled out by these wonderful ladies:
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Don't forget to send me the link if you've filled out the meme, so I can post here on my blog! ^^ Stay frosty my friends, and look forward to FHF and a coordinate post this weekend!
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