Head bands and hair dye

Ok, I have to start with a story, bear with me haha! I raked the leaves earlier today, though they all haven't fallen my mom wanted to pick what was already on the ground. So I had raked up several piles and we were putting the leaves into bags. I innocently reached into a piled and touched a dead squirrel... I raked up a dead squirrel and touched it people!! It was nothing but dried up skins but it was hard and terrible....

Anyway, now I just finished writing an essay so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a blog post. My next Japan topic is the Diet Building, but honestly I'm too lazy today to get into something like that so I will have it up tomorrow. Now I am going to force a boring post on you.

Spangle head bands!

First I wanted to show these headbands I made my mother make a few weeks ago. I saw some spangle headbands like this at Target in the Halloween section and they looked really cute to me. Mom said she could make them real quick, so there you go XD I picked red and blue because they are my 2nd and 3rd favorite colors to wear respectively. (Black as had been #1 since about age 13 haha)

Does anyone really like these head bands? I have some red material left over and I could make a couple to giveaway if anyone's interested^^/

And you know hair pieces can make a nice transition to hair dye, so that's what I'm doing. I'm sure everyone's seen this photo of Wei Son's new hair by now. Well it really spoke to me, because I have a history of bleaching parts of my hair, and I wanted to try something new.

I bought this brand of lightening dye for no particular reason. It said it would work on even dark brown and black hair, so I figured it would probably work well on mine. It didn't. I left it on for the maximum time but I wasn't able to get any pure blond hair.

That blue heart made my nose look crooked...

My humble thoughts are I couldn't get blond hair because red hair is genetically mutated blond hair so my hair didn't reacted to the chemicals like brown or black hair would? IDK Oh well. I want to try it again and lighten more of my hair as well. How long should I wait to try it again so I don't fry my poor hair?
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