Fukubukuro reveal in Popteen 02/11! img hvy

Oh its almost the New Year here in Japan. Besides resolutions, being with family, food and nice decorations the new year brings something very exciting here in Japan - yes that's right - fukubukuro (aka lucky bags)!

Lucky bags are partially attractive for the mystery (the first reason being a great bargain haha!) but there's also that nervous feeling of getting items you don't want or can't use. Well Popteen has taken care of that for you by revealing the contents of many 2011 fukubukuro!

Liz Lisa

CocoLulu, Deyle, Cecil McBee, Vanquish, JSG

L.D.S, Tralala, Ank Rouge, Redark

Lip Service, Blue Moon Blue, Gilfy, 
Glad News, Muse Muse, W*C

Emoda, Backs, one spo, Min Plume, One Way

Revrossa Clarity, Shake Shake, Dazzlin, 
Rojita, Spiral Girl, tutuHA, Miel


Of course you know which bag reveal I was rolling all over. Although I'm already getting the wool coat and onepiece in the Popteen tutuHA bag I pre-order, I think I'm going to try for it. There are only 120 available so wish me luck haha!
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