Girly time and purikura with Thanh Thao

Good morning everyone! Its fukubukuro morning, which means tens of thousands of girls are going to be lining up outside 109 from the wee hours of the morning just for a chance to get discounted clothing. But since I've already gotten the two fukubukuro I wanted, and there are very specific items/colorways I want from tutuHA, I will not be one of those girls.

tutuHA is offering 120 bags, and I'm reading on girls blogs they went to line up at 6:00 am and such, I can't really compete with those odds. I'm just hoping tutuHA will do the same sort of item sets like during their summer sale^^

I'll be going back to Shibuya tonight so I'll also stop at 109 to see what's good and on sale. I'm going to meet with Thanh Thao again, and perhaps a friend of hers. So it's high time I get our Jan 30th puri post before their out-dated XD

These were taken in the Lumi3 machine

Thanh Thao decorated the right puri so nicely! I felt like a creep glomming onto her tho XD

After we did the purikura we made a quick stop at 109 upon my request, tutuHA had restocked the purple cross necklace and I thought that color would be the most contrasting with the colors of clothing I'm often wearing. Since I just bought the necklace it meant I could finally get the small shopping bag!

I'm too excited about that shopping bag...

I'm still unsure if I was to get more cross necklaces. They have white, green and black in stock now. I'll think about it a couple more days^^
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