How do I lose weight in Japan? part 1 - Food!

I have the distinct feeling my blog posts are getting repetitive XD and I know that my weight-loss/diet tips are of interest for people so I thought it'd be nice to try and incorporate more of that. I came up with the idea of talking about how I am able to lose weight in Japan.

Some people have asked me how I am able to lose weight in Japan with all the great food and snacks around, and honestly for the first few trips I took to Japan I really did gain weight. Sometimes a lot of weight haha! Its only the past 3 trips that I was able to maintain and lose weight.

This first part of the series will focus on healthy foods you can find at super markets, that are better choices than conbini or restaurant foods. The whole diet food craze isn't present in Japan (the way they diet is more like avoidance) but their food is generally healthy, you just have to look for it!

Balance Up bars - Maple, Black Sesame, Cocoa, Strawberry flavors

For breakfast I usually eat the same thing everyday - Balance Up bars! They are nutrition bars, not necessarily low fat/calorie but the whole point is the extra vitamins! They have about 160 kcal per package, the taste is good too.

Another thing I like to eat for breakfast is yogurt, both in Japan and the US. I have tried these Bulgaria brand yogurts, but the most yummy I've has is LG21 zero sugar!
Bulgaria LG21 yogurt is often recommended in gyaru mags.

Bulgaria aloe flavor yogurt - Aloe is a popular flavor in Japan

Bulgaria LB81 yogurt

Moving on to savory foods for lunches and dinners, there's always a great plethora of vegetables and pre-cooked vegetable dishes available at the supermarket. But here are some other foods you might not have tried yet.

Fishcakes and hanpen

Fish cakes are a staple in Japanese meals and bentos, both for their convenience and health benefits. You can add them to your salad, there's no need to cook^^ Likewise hanpen is a cake, it has a super fluffy texture and are often filled with curry, fish, cheese. Low calorie but yummy!

Konyakku sticks with miso sauce

Konyakku is a tuberous root, that can be processed into a jelly that has next to no calories and is good for smooth digestion. Its available in blocks, noodles, "sashimi" and snacks like the above which is my favorite! You can eat the whole pack with a sauce for under 100 kcal.

Here are some other healthy food items that you might like to try in Japan. All these can be prepared it in your hotel!

Zero calorie fruit jelly, and soy milk

Low calorie instant soups (87 to 140 kcal)

Vitamin biscuits and bran cereal

35 kcal annin dofu

I didn't include any vegetables or fruits as those should be obvious healthy food choices. You can find lots of snacks, cup noodles, sweets etc that are terrible in Japan - you just need to look a bit closer for the healthier stuff haha.
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