Charity sale closed - tutuHA green Cross Necklace

Hey there friends! Sorry I didn't post anything up yet today, I honestly couldn't think of any content that would be interesting for anyone to read I think. I am really in a quandary over why I am blogging and how I can make it something worthwhile. Oh well, it's time to think of others rather than myself.

So I decided to make a charity sale.

I have been impressed by other's charity sales, and I've bought from them, but now I want to do more. I also wanted to sell something that has value to me. So I will be offering up my tutuHA green cross necklace as a charity sale!

100% of the sale will be going as aid to the Japan Disaster.

I will be donating the money through St. Jude Medical (as I have a relative working there) And the greatest part of that is St. Jude is doing donation matching!

I am asking 25$ (without shipping) so actually you will be making a 50$ donation to Japan. CLOSED

Shipping will be calculated based on location (note this necklace is quite heavy), and I accept paypal only. If you would like to purchase this necklace please send me an email at

I will some provide proof of the donation, like a screencap or printed paper, I'm just not sure what confirmation they do at this moment.

Thank you so much for considering helping!
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