* Review * Chocola Co. Parfait Rich eyelashes

Thanks everyone for putting up with my silliness yesterday haha, I meant to write another post after that poop chick fiasco but I ended up doing school work. I have only one more paper and presentation to do, but its the worst of all so I don't feel relaxed yet haha.

I've been wanting to do some sort of daily life post, but my daily life is so boring it's scary! So here's another review, its a bit useful at least XD

Chocola Co. no. 1 Parfait Rich
false eyelashes

I ordered these lashes from D-tan, and I was really excited to try them out because they have a very different shape from any of the eyelashes I have tried previously. This shape with thicker lashes at the out edge has become popular recently!

Chocola Co. is a discount brand of eyelashes, and while the shape is trendy and the fibers are soft, you can see in this closeup that there is some unevenness in the lashes. I mean some areas are clumped together and others are gapped.

Never the less, these lashes are soft and the fibers are not too shiny, the quality is above acceptable for the price.

These shape of lashes work great for cat type eyes, and since the tare-me is fading out a bit these will be useful. They are however very curled!

If you have very straight lashes, it might be difficult to blend your natural lashes with these (though most Japanese gyaru don't worry about that haha) The band is semi-clear/whitish and you can see it sometimes. I recommend you go over it with a gel eyeliner to cover it.

Tried a new photoshop action on this pic, hmmm

In the above photo you can see the eyelashes don't seem to be perfectly even, the left eyelash did just not look right to me though I reapplied it several times. I think that it may be because it was more curled?

Anyhow, I really like the shape of these lashes, I like the more trendy look they create. The price point it quite good, they are easy to apply. My only wish is they are more even/less curled ^^

Btw. I'm not wearing lower lashes so you can focus on the upper lashes!
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