Arty farty day in Shibuya

Oh I feel so proud of myself that I am blogging now instead of just going to sleep like my body really wants too. Yesterday I was out with the fabulous Hana until 11:00 (because of commute time) then I woke up early to make sure I was ready onto for the private Tokyo Kawaii TV event. (both are future blog posts)

But today's topic is nothing new to Moments like Diamonds haha, I have been to Shibuya so many times it's not too difficult to talk about^^ First I will show what I wore that day, it was said its different from my usual look haha!

Please ignore my Rilakkuma pass case!

The mirror shot gives a better view of the accessories

I guess my style is changing alot, and I never felt brave enough to wear an all white outfit. But that day I was meeting with NHK staff to help them with the Kawaii.i (Kawaii dot I) project so I wanted to look better. The project will be launching this Monday, and I will introduce it soon!

And a face shot to be vain, but this photo was so generous to my hairstyle XD

I went to Shibuya, and I arrived a bit early for the meeting time, so I decided just to grab some "artistic" phone camera shots of Shibuya. I already have many regular shots, so I thought this would be more interesting. This is my trip to Shibuya in photos:

Watching people on the train as usual to pass the long ride

Watch out, Hello Kitty warns to keep your fingers out of the door, or it'd hurt when it closes

Waiting at Kudanshita station to transfer on the Hanzomon line which takes me to Shibuya

I have noone to meet at Hachiko this day, but his statue always looks so friendly and cute

People running and people walking in the crosswalk, and me taking photos in the way

Dirty cement, advertisements, cars, Shibuya

A paradise of shopping for many young women, it was too dangerous going inside haha!

I especially like the collage photo of Shibuya 109, that was fun to take. Using a different camera can really change the feeling you have a place/photos. I'm sure this won't be the last time I go to Shibuya this trip tho haha!
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