Nikko Roadtrip: Kegon Falls and Lake Chuzenji

Oh well, I had just written a post about mirrors and body image, but I totally chickened out (I am too weak for that kinda writing TT) So now I have to write out a while new post. But that's ok because I have been meaning to post the next part of the Nikko Roadtrip anyway XD

Kegon Falls, so misty!

The first place we stopped in Nikko was a very famous tourist spot featuring a lovely natural feature - the Kegon Falls! These waterfalls are located in Nikko National Park (within Nikko) and are 97 meters high, which makes Kegon Falls one of the three highest falls in all of Japan!

Gotta make sure to get a shot with the falls too!

You could descend down to the lower part of the falls by elevator and get a better view of them, but I feel like such a big waterfall is too hard to appreciate even from a dramatic angle. I thought they were really lovely.

After being misted by the waterfall for awhile, we decided to move onto the next site (since we had limited time) and luckily Lake Chuzenji another great natural tourist site was close at hand.

I'd never see a lake next to mountains in MN haha

Lake Chuzenji is a huge volcanic lake, I mean it was created by a lava flow cutting off a river. It is a huge lake, with a depth of 163 meters. Though I come from the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, I still enjoyed the scenery.

Of course if looking at nature is not so entertaining for you, they also offered swan boats for a ride about the lake. And in the area surrounding Kegon Falls and Lake Chuzenji there are plenty of shops and restaurants.

I hope everyone enjoys the nature photos of Japan (there's more to come!) I think its fun to see the other side of Japan besides concrete and fashion haha.
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