Art gift from Christian, and current updates

Oh I think I woke up too early, in my stupor I thought the clock said 8:30 am but really it was 7:30. So my eyes are all cloudy and itchy and my brain is not working properly haha. I want to go to a flea market today, but I may not be able to go when it opens since my friend is a late sleeper...ha DX

Anyhow, I wanted to share this really lovely artwork that I received from Christian a little bit ago, and am just getting around to now. I always am just so surprised and honored that anyone, especially someone SO talented as Christian, would make an art for me.

So pretty right?? I really wish I could look this delicate and beautiful XD Thank you so much again Christian!

I have now set up a link in the sidebar to a page containing all the gift art I have received so far. I want to give thanks and credit to everyone who has taken moments of their life to make me something lovely!!

Also, in regards to Japan Gems, I thought I had figured out a good way to accept payment, but now I feel it wouldn't work out. I am currently trying to find the least fee-ish way to get money from my paypal, so currently inquiries are on hold.

And lastly, I have removed the text for accepting sponsorship from my sidebar. I've decided to not accept new sponsorships because I feel that with sooo many blogs out there doing reviews, adding more to mine would be unnecessary. Of course currently running sponsor partnerships are upheld.

Thank everyone for looking, I hope I will make some more interesting updates soon haha!
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