Needing a reason to dress up?

Well today was "cool" in Japan, about 23C, I could easily have energy and do whatever I felt like doing (which was just eating and shopping apparently ha!) but I still felt no motivation to make myself up and put together a real coordinate. Without a reason to make a coordinate, I just don't bother.

I feel so sad that I have no reason or motivation to dress up, do you ever feel like that too? As if you want to want to look great but just don't get around to it? haha! Perhaps it's because you have no place to go, noone to meet, only chores to do.

Well luckily for us with that feeling, despite having nothing to do or nobody to hang with, there's a great reason to dress up....

Not only can you have a reason to look amazing, the prizes are literally amazing. Not just some stickers or small things, Here's what you can win as the grand prize (and there are three more prizes besides this!):
"You will win $300 worth of the hottest items of the shops that are introduced in Kawaii.i. We will be selecting the items that best suit your styles and interests. For instance, if you do a cosplay, you will win Japanese popular anime items. And if you love lolita fashion, you will get the latest lolita fashion items."

Well anyone with any style can enter, just submit your look to this page. All details, prizes, and entry form are there. Open until August 3!

I'm not going to enter, but it got me thinking, what would I wear if I did decide to enter. Here are the outfits I made today, I tried to make some really cool but most are kind flat T^T I need bolder accessories!

I guess this came out best, or atleast its most flattering to my shape

I think this one is pretty good too, just need a cool belt and big necklace

Do you need some motivation, or are you feeling inspired recently??
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