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Yay, I blog again! Honestly everytime I blog daily I feel excited that I didn't put it off another day. I have some thoughtful posts coming up, and perhaps some frivolous ones as well, but in the meantime enjoy an eyelash review!

ES A44 Eyelashes
provided by KKcenterHK.com

These lashes were provided to me by KKcenterHK.com for the purpose of review, however all assessments are my own honest opinion and I was not provided further compensation. I chose these A44 lashes based on their shape, I thought the distinctive shape of the lashes would make them more useful for gyaru makeup.

When I recieved them, the length of the lashes was shorter than I expected, making the lashes appear more natural overall. However the shape is still distinctive! The lashes come on a black fiber spine, rather than a plastic spine, which make them more delicate.

Make sure to carefully remove these lashes from the sticker dots with tweezers, don't apply much pressure to them as the spine can easily be bent.

I trimmed three lashes off the inner corner of the band to make them fit my eye a bit better, furthermore I place my lashes past the outer edge of my eye. Though these lashes are shorter, they still made a nice full look on the outer edge.

They were quite easy to handle and apply, though I have bent a pair already TT They are somewhat shiny as you may see in the first image, but in natural light they are just averagely so. The fibers are soft and blend easily with your own lashes!

For me, these are lashes are for natural and more adult style of eye makeup. The create a nice upper line, but are not so dramatic (in my opinion). Review is done without lenses or lower lashes.

Quick Review:
Ease of use: ★★★★★
Appearence: ★★★★☆
Quality: ★★★1/2☆

These and many many other affordable lashes are available through KKcenterHK.com. Certainly they have tons of styles that would work great with gyaru makeup, as well as lower lashes! They have tons of beauty products at low prices so check them out!
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