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Good evening friends! Sorry I left you hanging, after my presentation at the University of Minnesota Friday night I haven't had much energy to do much of anything DX I have been having the worst body reactions (not sure of the best way to word that) this weekend too! First I'm hot, then cold, then nauseous and sweating like a freak.

I mean really, 2 night ago I woke up drenched in sweat like someone had poured water on me. It's really strange and wearing me out, but I did exercise and get some chores finished today. I'm trying to not let it hold me back too much. I think this is a lady problem, but it's so intense.

Well there's good news - Now it's officially Autumn!!

Friday was the first day of Fall, and it's my favorite season. I think most people who live in 3 or 4 season climates like Autumn, when there are colored leaves and Autumn produce. I love all that and the holidays, plus so many people have Birthdays in the Autumn^^ This month is going to be busy with chores and family obligation, but I hope it's still going to be fun.

And to start this month out right let's enjoy some beautiful photos! I took these several years ago, and looking back over them makes me want to take more this year too^^

My neighbor's sugar maple, sadly its not ours but we still get a great view XD

A closeup of its leaves

Apples for Autumn! Seen at a local apple orchard

You can't have Autumn without pumpkins of course

And going back to Autumn holidays, the best has to be Halloween! I love Halloween, the decorations and the candy and the colors, what's not to love right? haha. So here's my current Autumn project (well my mom actually is doing most of the work, but I help I swear!) can you guess what it will turn out to be?

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