Some sakura cherry blossom photos UPDATE

Good day! Today I was planning to write about weight loss, then I chickened out... So I thought I could blog about Tokyo Disneysea again, then I felt too lazy to edit the photos... But I swear I will have both those up soon enough. As for the weight loss post, I'm going to address some areas besides techniques and tips so hopefully it will be interesting and spark conversations (but not flames).

So today I settled on something I probably should have/was supposed to post a couple weeks ago. My friend sent me these lovely photos of some sakura during the second week of April, and as the sakura season is so short I guess we can only appreciate them in photos now.

As I've mentioned here and there, I've never been to Japan during spring or specifically the sakura season (which is like a week, not really a real season haha). But everyone says it's a great time to travel to Japan, so if you get the chance, arrange your travel in the spring! The first two photos are from around Ichinoe, and this one below is in the heart of Shibuya!

I never really thought about sakura being right by the Shibuya scramble crossing! But there are! Sakura seem like they are generally to be found in parks and gardens, however they are everywhere. I can only imagine how they brighten up the otherwise cement-y looks of Tokyo.

The flowering trees around Minnesota are blooming, but our apple tree hasn't blossomed yet (the lilacs are though XD) And just the otherday our neighbor cut down their cherry tree... I can't understand that at all! EDIT: My friend sent me some more sakura photos last night, so there's some more great photos to check out!

Well since there was only three photos (but I've added some more since), here's something else really cool to look at:

A Pom Pom Purin loveseat sofa from Sanrio. I'm not sure who can afford it (about 2,000$) and more importantly what room they'd put it in, but it really is cute. Sanrio never ceases to keep coming up with new items for lovers of cute to consume. And speaking of Sanrio, Murua is doing a collaboration with Hello Kitty to produce some very cute iPhone cases and tshirts!

Ok, the second part of this post just went off in an entirely different direction than the title suggests but I will call it a "stream of consciousness post" yeah, that makes sense! Anyhow I answered several questions on my Formspring just today. Please feel free to submit some new questions. Or leave me feedback on what sort of upcoming posts you'd like to see!
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