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Hi there everyone! I can't really concentrate on blogging right now, and I was feeling sooo lazy that I almost skipped today but I also want to stay on track haha. I've been doing pretty good in most aspects of my life, I just want to keep working on my blog and get some other things done too.

Today I thought it would be nice to do a fashion post. Despite my lack of personal fashion, I am still very interested in it. I feel I can call a mode gyaru, that's what I feel I in my heart. (I also have a more OTT fashionista in me, but that will be revealed in due time XD). So I want to discuss mode, I'm not an expert but I hope this will be informative.


Sometimes I see people stating they think mode (or blogger style, but since I don't like blogger style I'm not gonna comment on it) is too plain. Or even more disturbing: that it can only look special on Asian women. Most back this up by saying it's too easy to find mode type clothes in the west and it just looks regular on western women.

Well I'm here to say, mode can be a bold style on anyone or it can be plain on anyone. It takes as much work as other gyaru styles, without that effort it will fall flat.

1. The Hair

Mode hair styles may not be as eye catching as tsuji mori types, but that doesn't mean they are some OL-kei dark colored loose curled style. I think the best way to describe mode hair styles is "architectural". It's important to create a structure with just the cut.

Hair can be long or very short featuring blunt cuts, cropped bangs etc. But texture is also important, be it super sleek, teased out or waved. With a bold and flattering structural cut with texture you can create a hair style that stands out from everyday looks. Hair color runs all over the natural spectrum, but something that is strong and compliments your skin tone is a good bet.

2. The Clothes
I don't have a graphic for this section, as it's easy to see what type of clothes embody the mode style through the brand's websites and blogs. The point I want to stress is, however, it is not as easy to find the perfect mode clothes here in the west. Yeah I can find denim shorts, but do they have damage, a high waist, a 2.5 in rise and a bit of a flare on the leg? Not so likely.

The point in mode is the silhouette. I can find peplum skirts, but the length has to hit a certain way. Pleated trousers never seem to come to the natural waist. No graphic Tshirt is as cool as Murua's haha! Etc.

3. The Accessories

I think this is a very important category, and what will really take your mode look to a higher level. Mode accessories are statement pieces. They pull in high fashion trend elements, and colors. Plain metal jewelry will serve you well, while you can bring in trendy colors with belts, shoes, bags and hair pieces. Make sure to pick shoes with a strong color, or interesting structure. Keep your bags trendy (like clutches in this season)

While in western fashion, the rule is "One piece of statement jewelry only" but in mode style you can use 2-3 haha.

4. The Make up
No graphic here either, but some people may mistake mode makeup as "natural" (when compared with other gyaru styles). However, just because mode utilizes natural hues doesn't mean it's natural at all. Top and bottom lashes are used, faces are contoured and highlighted, eyebrows are perfectly shaped. Etc.

Now I want to share some photos of Momoko and Ena with others to illustrate that mode can be plain on Asian women, and what could be stepped up to make these girls stand out more in the mode style. (I'm not saying there is anything wrong with their looks, just how their looks could be changed to be more mode)

I picked girls with outfits that are mode brand, and coordinated as seen in promo pics or staff blogs.

The right girl is staff, with some texture in her hair and a bracelet I think the look would be pulled together better

Her makeup and hair are nice, but this outfit is just asking for an accessory!

She looks like a teen, so hair and makeup may be difficult (but the long black hair can work) I recommend a more stylish cardigan, hair bow and a necklace

The girl on the right has almost everything right, some eyelashes and trendy earrings will make it a fully realized look

Now I have to say, the girl on the left stands out as the least stylish of this trio.
Her friend on the right looks like she's fully done (sans a bag, and a hair access. perhaps)

As I stated before I am not any sort of expert, just a lover of mode, so everything I said can be taken with a grain of salt as it's my personal observations. Still I hoped this helped people see how mode can be special^^
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