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Happy Monday everyone! Is everyone enjoying the start of summer vacation?? Well I am a full time worker now so I don't have any vacations, if only I had appreciated my school breaks more when I had them. When you are in school or university you think it's so awful, then you get out in the working world and realize that was just the preview haha! Enjoy your school years alot they are so fun, and/or else get a job you love! I digress a bit, but for those of us who need a bit of a pick-me-up during our working lives, or just love cute animals Cat Cafes are just the answer.

Certainly by now many (most?) people have heard of Japan's unique cat cafes (which have now lead to other types of pet cafes). These are like regular cafes, offering lounge seating, reading materials, atmosphere and beverages. But what makes them so special is the access to free range kitties! While you enjoy your drink you can observe and pet some cats. It's very relaxing and an especially clever system for a city like Tokyo where it's more difficult to keep pets.

Cat Cafe Nekorobi's entrance decorated for Halloween

When entering a cat cafe you will pay your entrance fee that typically includes one beverage, and an hour of time in the cafe. Time and rates vary between cafes. You will also change into slippers and stow your personal items in a locker. Some cafes offer a variety of drinks or snack items which you order as you like, but at Nekorobi drinks are free (included in fee you could also say) from a vending machine.

What I like about Nekorobi in particular is the cleanliness of it. The design of the room is very airy and open, and the cat smell is minimal. I have been to some cafes in which the smell is overpowering upon entering. The staff is also a bit more friendly than usual, though I have found staff generally just stays out of the way. Here they take many photos of their cats for their blog throughout the day so sometimes you can watch a cute photoshoot.

The staff set up these cute dolls on this cat hehe
If the cats are listless (which they usually are) and you've already had your drinks and cookies another fun activity is writing in their client experience book. Most cat cafes have these books in which you can write about your feelings/thoughts on the experience, doodle a little or just leave a message. They keep these out so you can read other patrons messages to pass the time. They also have little bios of all the cats so you can make sure to call them by name!

He's like "This is my donut cushion, back off..."
I have a cat at home, but I always enjoy stopping at a cat cafe. I don't like to have fancy drinks or snacks in a cafe so this system suits me perfectly. I can take in some air conditioning, practice my photography and pet some pretty cats outside the bustle of Tokyo's streets. Plus this is something you can't experience in the west! Nekorobi is a great stop in Ikebukuro to help round out your day site seeing at Sunshine City. There's also the Milkway Cafe which you can often see their fancy parfaits on Tumblr.

Have you been to a cat cafe?? Do you have a favorite?
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