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Hey everyone! Sorry for the long absence from my blog, I caught a cold and sinus infection together so I wasn't feeling that great, I did keep up with my instagram and tumblr but I just didn't feel like editing photos or trying to write something interesting :/ Even tonight it took me so long just to put this little post together, is it because so much of my time is ruined by my job or that my brain is tired and I'm moving slowly? Haha either way at least I have a little something to post, and I am excited to show this outfit!

I finally got a chance to wear something from Swankiss! I ordered this set up a couple of weeks ago from the Swankiss webshop, it's one of their most iconic and popular items from the Autumn collection. They are on sale now in the physical shop so if you are in Tokyo or Osaka make sure to go and get some cute items! Swankiss seems to cycle through collections quickly as they are making another winter collection now which I am spamming on my tumblr haha. I guess they'll have a couple more before the next season!

Anyhow, I apologize for the lack of close up shots, a nosy neighbor saw me taking these shots (my mom takes the pictures for me) and came over to ask what we were doing. She asked me if I was doing a Lady Gaga cosplay or something haha! But it kinda drove us away, but I was able to get a few good shots none-the-less :)

top: Swankiss
bottom: Swankiss
shoes: MojoMoxy
access: Handmade, KumaCrafts
The nice thing about set ups is being able to combined the top and bottom with other tops and bottoms too, so I hope I can make some other coordinates with these pieces soon! You have probably seen BlackSui Princess wearing this set in many cute ways already, she is so cute. I see many girls starting to like Swankiss and get their items so it's exciting to see it become more popular.
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