Day 7 and 8 coordinates, cute items from Sunshine City

Hello again, did everyone have a great weekend? Did you celebrate Mother's Day and do something nice for the most important person in your life (without her your wouldn't exist!)? I didn't because I am 6000+ miles away from my mom, and I am not a very kind person.

Anyway, I'm bringing you another coordinate post, I'm skipping over day 6 however because my outfit just looked like a camping outfit rather than the cute romper and sweater look I was going for. I guess the point is to learn from your fashion mistakes and make your style stronger haha!

On Day 7 I went to a Cat Cafe as the high-light of my day, and I also did a bit of shopping in Sunshine city. I found a store in Alta called Honey -something that had L sizes in a lot of currently trendy items, but I didn't buy anything. Regret! So I am going back on Tuesday to burn some of my money haha.

Please ignore the flats, my feet are still swollen

Yes, I met Gloomy Bear in Ikebukuro haha!

Jacket: Forever21
Onepiece: no brand
Scarf: no brand
Shoes: no brand

I guess my outfit was a military/marine sort of look, and I tried a scarf for the first time. It was slipping a bit in this photo, but I liked the look. As much as I see scarves in the magazines, I am not really seeing that many on the streets. I guess it's not taking off like the can can hat trend.

Here's a photo of the items I picked up in Sunshine city, as you can see I spent money on toys and cute things rather than fashionable things this time. I did get two pairs of clip on earrings for really cheap (90yen and 270yen). I got those stickers I loved last time! I was really excited to see them again.

The cutest Hannari Tofu ever - ice cream version!

Stickers and sweets deco kits from Toys R Us in Sunshine City

I love these fake sweets making kits, I got one during my 2nd trip to Japan and I had a fun time putting them together, So I picked up this chocolate cream set. And an extra bag of whip cream, so I can sweets deco something haha.

On Day 8 I think my coordinate was really nice, I really liked how it turned out haha^^ As you can see, I got that W*C shirt I said I wanted to buy. I didn't expect it to be a thermal type shirt, and I felt stupid to spend that much on a cheap shirt but it's so cute and I am really a W*C fan now haha.

Day 8 coordinate

Shirt: W*C
Belt: Steve Madden
Skirt: no brand
Boots: Minnetonka Moccasins
Accessories: L.Chance, SBY

Bonus shot because I think I look pretty/funny haha
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  1. seems like you're having fun so far! :D thanks for the e-mail btw. can't wait to see you!!!

  2. That is a really well put together outfit you got there :D It's very springy! lol!

  3. i love ur headband~ and never seen tokyo's subway empty haha!

  4. looks like there's some nice weather! ♥ good stuff!
    i only went to ikebukuro at night, so i didn't get to see anything fun DD= lolol i love the gloomy bear man

  5. haha i dont trust gloomy bear
    and might turn around and knee u in the face!


    I'm glad you are enjoying your summer I i'm working fulltime this year and will definitely be spending my bling on japanese shopping service haha!

  7. wow, that is soooooo cute!!!!!!!

    wow, and all the things your bought so amazing

    & love your style!!! so cute:) way better then my style

    talk to you soon

  8. Oh I wish we had deco kits like that they look so cool and that ice creem tofu is ADORABLE!!!!! Also I really like the last shoot you look like a model!

  9. Funky, cute outfit cordinations! Ikebukuro is too far for me :P well im down south.. it'll take me an hr to get there.. i have been there only for work LOL

  10. fun toys you got there XD
    cute outfits as usual :)

  11. All your outfits look very lovely! W*C's items seem really cool, I must hunt it down the store if I ever go to Japan.

    Thanks for your comment! I love reading your blog, it's really entertaining to read! ^^ (Especially after a long tiring day at school, haha!)

  12. (@ the comment above.) I'm amazed you managed to take a photo, on the crowded (?) trains of Tokyo. :P

  13. Ooh, great coordinates this day! They both look good, I think. I like the second one a bit better, but the blue scarf & denim in the first outfit makes your hair look really vibrant and pretty. And gotta love Gloomy Bear and the Tofus!

  14. Ah your first outfit is soo cute! Love the denim military jacket!

    I still find it so nice that Japanese trains have nice cushioned seats. Its like the only country that I know of that has such comfy train seats.

    Me wanna go japan too!

  15. Gorgeous coordinates, love it XD
    Haha I love the pic of you and Gloomy.

  16. Love that last photo. Where could you find an empty car like that in Tokyo? Last stop? :-)

  17. great photos and yay for gloomy bear ^^
    and i love ur outfits and i want some fake sweets :3
    they looks so good i would probs eat them though >.<

  18. Lovely coordinates as always, Sara!!
    I especially love the last coordinate, you look so pretty with the headband!

    I do really learn how to be fashionable from you, so mor, more more of these posts! :-))

  19. aww you are so cute♥ and i love the deco things... but it is hard to do it xD i try it last year XD

    and where you see all this sweet costume "animals" i never saw one X_X you are soooo luckyyy!!!

  20. Ahh i love all your stuff and especially your 'flower-skirt' :)

    Määäh i want to go to japan again, tooooo!

  21. You look lovely and pretty too! I so look forward to your posts from your trip!

  22. Ooooh! You like Honeys? That's great! It's officially the first place I shopped in when I moved to Japan. It tends to pop up with well-fitting clothes amongst cheap gal-style shops. Also, Mr. Miruku owns shares in Honeys, so please indirectly do me a favour, haha! xxx

  23. AHHHHHHH so cute loooooooks~~ Your pic if very funny hahaha!! Was it inside train?! You look so tired!! I love your cute cute stuff~ I love when you take pics of cute stuff I love them! Thank you so much so much I love visiting your blog and see pics and read about your life visiting Japan~!! *-* You're so lucky!!!

    Enjoyy Japann~~ ^^

  24. You are toooo cute! Girl you've gotten so skinny! You look great! Stay just as you are <3 Also that wc floral combo is fabulous! We need to pick a day and do I <3 SF twinsie shots <3

    Love the bonus shot! What line were you on? That train looks hella old. My random guess: Chuo ^_^

  25. Wow, you're hair colour is so nice. o_o

    I really like both coordinates. The second day, especially, since I love the hair.

    Hannari tofu! <3

  26. I love the cute military marine style outfit also I would really like to get myself some f those fake sweet kits that would make some amazing jewelry!

  27. Love your coordinates! (*__*)
    In the first picture you look like a doll somehow, I like thiiis. (^-^)
    Heh, and I want to meet Gloomy Bear too! :D

  28. I adore that jacket from F21!!! Damn girl with every snap your outfits are on a higher & higher level! I'm SOOOO glad you decided to start posting them :D You have some great pieces, seriously!

  29. You're outfits are cute on both days. And the haul you got is super adorable! Especially the hanari tofu dolls! xD
    and the last picture is pretty funny/cute(:

  30. Love that photo of you with Gloomy Bear!!! So adorable! Your outfits are so super kawaii :)

  31. Love the outfits =D
    You're beautiful =)

  32. nice co-ords!!

    damn jealous of you still! looks like the weather is fabulous too! its supposed to be may here but its like january! wth!
    ive nearly caved in and bought some of the decotti and etc cute cake making things but ive realised i wont have anywhere to put them and they'll probably just hide away in a bad as that sounds, i still want to buy them!

  33. I love your fist out fit <3
    Your 2nd outfit is adorable (^O^) I wish I could wear skirts I still have a long way to go to reach my goal XD

  34. I just have to say how much I love your flowery skirt!! And omo your hair style is super pretty~ <3 :)) Very nice dress up hun bun~ Both of em~ Lovin it! :D

    Omo~:D Haha~ you're pretty tal to hun? right? at least it looks like it :)) You should consider modeling~ :))
    So pretty~ x)

    Omo i'll have to gather allot of extra money when i go to Japan... I mean there are so many cute and pretty stuff to buy! D: Just look at those plushies... I'm seriously goin' nuts!~ xD <3

    Huggles* Peace and ice cream keep it up hun~ <3

  35. Looove your outfits! They're so cute! The skirts are soo pretty and girly~

  36. OMG sunshine city!! i love that place (especially cuz my hotel was in ikebukuro :D) and honeys!! they're awesome cuz they got L sizes and the prices are quite cheap! :D i bought heaps of stuff from there~ :DD hope you find some cute things next tiem you go there!!

    i love your WC outfit!!~

  37. As plenty of people already said you look wonderful! Why would we mind your flats/ballerina shoes? It's the best thing to wear when walking for hours on shopping or sightseeing!

  38. those stuff are really cute!
    Love the skirt you wore (the flowery).


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